When We We Dating

When my wife and I were dating and she was living in a tiny appartment we had our first a baby weekend. No toilet for her and diapers all weekend. To my surprise she met me in a diaper and we started to get intimate, what I didn't know was that she had taken a laxitive earlier that day as well. As I was playing with her soggy ***** in her wet diaper she thought she had to fart. It wasn't a fart she totally filled her diaper with a very big warm soft mess. I was so turned on by this and so was she that we had sex on the changing pad I put under her, when I opened her messy diaper. My pants too were full so by the time we were done along with her normal squirting we had poop everywhere, but we were very happy. Clean up took awhile but we did do it again that weekend.
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3 Responses Apr 15, 2012

Your a lucky guy

Cool you both got to wear diapers together.

Mmmmmmm Amazing! Lucky guy!