Messy In The Office

I got lucky one night in the office. Having finished a report with a female collegue, she came on to me. I didn't need too much encouragement, but knew I needed to dump quite urgently. What the hell, I thought, what can go wrong. She was already on the desk ready for a good shag (That's all it was, it was never going to be love making!!) I had undone my zip and her hand was inside my pants pulling out my **** . She had pulled it out through the leg hole and my sack was dangling dangerously close to my zip, but somehow it didn't matter. I was inside her as soon as the condom was on, I was big(not boasting, just quickly) and she was surprisingly tight, I stood there pounding backwards and forward, she gripping the side of the desk where she was sitting not wanting to slide to far away from what I was giving her. My movement got faster, our groaning and moaning got loader and I had completely forgotten about my need for the bathroom until I was nearly ***********. Now, for any guy reading this, you will know what I mean when I say I had reached the point of no return. My backside was in unison with my ****, and as I filled her, I realised I was filling my pants. I couldn't believe how great it felt while it was happening. I needed to make a quick exit in order to sort myself out but she was on to me in a flash, it was pretty clear what I had done. I apologised as I tried to back away, but she was having none of it. She told me she thought it was hot hot hot. She grabbed my tie and pushed me into the desk chair. OMG, it spread across my buttocks like butter, she was down on me and my **** was in her mouth, I have to admit, I had never *** again as quickly as I did that night. I couldn't take that suit to the drycleaners, but the pair of us did have some fantastic sessions for a few weeks afterwards, not all of them messy!
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1 Response May 20, 2012

Mmmm - loved reading that, two of my favourite fantasies combined!