It Happened.

When we were fist married I used to change my underwear at bed time. This was mainly because it was often not all that clean at the end of the day. My wife once suggested that there was no need for this and told me that as I often needed to change again in the morning it would cut down on laundry. I went red and she hinted at the reason why which was there was a plastic sheet on the bed, which was fair enough because there had been wet linen to change some mornings in the first few months of our married life. It wasn't always entirely down to me, but after being very careful about changing the bed even if there was only a small wet spot, we had over time become less fussy about small yellow stains on the bottom sheet.and only washed them about once a week unless there had been a bigger accident.

One night I needed to go to the bathroom to urinate and got out of bed realising I had already wet myself a little. I tried to hold it until I was standing and then ran to the toilet. I didn't try so hard to stop the flow as I ran because it is difficult to do and the damage was done, I sank onto the toilet and probably just pee'd through the soaking cotton of my briefs.

I went back to the bedroom and went to my underwear drawer for dry ones. I dropped the wet ones on the floor and pulled on the first pair that came to hand. As I got back into bed Jill said "did you tiddle the bed" and I replied "only a little bit".

As I settled down to sleep I felt Jill reach over and in a short time we were cuddling and fondling one another. We were clearly going to have intercourse but I felt my stomach signalling that another kind of bathroom visit was needed. We were now well into the sexual act and I whispered to her that I needed the toilet. Her response was to say "hold it - you have only just been" I muttered it was "not a wee" I needed and she made it clear I was to "get on with the job" and not break off now we were getting to the crucial moment.

I did as I was told but very soon had to say I "was going to do it in my pants if I didn't go to the bathroom right away". Jill didn't reply and in a second or two it was too late. I had lowered the front of my underwear to have sex but the back was still in place and I felt the soft mess between my butt cheeks as it slipped into the seat of my briefs. Jill said "Don't worry just keep doing what you are doing" and so I did.

We both seemed to put my predicament out of our minds and the sex was good. As we relaxed I stumbled out an apology and said I would go and clean up. Jill said "leave it to the morning if you want to" and although I think I was going to go to the bathroom, we both fell asleep and it was only after dawn that I got up and emptied my underpants before washing them as best I could.

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Jan 18, 2013