Would Like To

love to see girls poop there pants .  i would cut her off as she was running to the bathroom . holding her *** and haveing to poop real real bad . thats when i  tell her you know thing thing you said you would do i want you to do it for me right now . she would tell me to let her go first but i would not listen . you promised me any time i asked you to give me head you would and would never let me down . so being the tropper she would drop to her knees and start to give me head . i don t know how i would last long knowing she had to poop real bad but i would . maybe say wait just a minute and slow it down . but would love for her to lose controll while sucking me off almost saing i can t hold it i am about to have a accident  with my **** in her mouth . to put my hands right up to her *** tight as she had not went in 5 days feeling a hudge turd pushing out and spreading as she never stopped giving me head . love to spank her on the  big poop as i came into her mouth . just a thought

stevewet stevewet
36-40, M
Feb 14, 2010