She Was 14 . . . And Hot!

I was in Moscow, Russia on business when I met a beautiful and sensual young woman.  She was very friendly, outgoing and we hit it right off.  I invited her out for dinner and a walk in the park.  We ended up back at my apartment . . . . . I was so surprised at how easy it was to be around her.  She acted so much older . . . mature, confident and so sweet.

We talked and enjoyed being together . . . . I just had to be near to her . . . . I wanted to hold her, to kiss her.  I moved my hand over her shoulder as we sat on the couch and talked. . . . .she moved a bit closer and that was all I needed.  I bent over and kissed her.  IT was deep and long.  I pulled her close to me and began to feel her body next to mine . . . She was so sexy, so beautiful, so full of life!

I carried her to my bedroom and undressed her.  Her body was so sensual.  She was only 14 . . . but her body was full and ready.  Her breast were full, her nipples hard and her ***** was shaven and sexy.

We laid down and had an incredible evening together. . . . . making love, talking, holding each other . . . . . kissing . . . .I could not believe how incredible it felt to be deep inside her.  She ended our last time together by sitting on top of me and going up and down slowly . . . then faster until I was ready to explode.  She was so sensual, so beautiful.

What an incredible experience, I will never forget her!

Wolfman4you Wolfman4you
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I liked it as it was with consent of the girl !