Stepdaughter Sex

About 10 years ago it all happend,my wife had died in a car accident about 11 1/2years ago she had two daughters from previouse relationship,The oldest girl was living on her own my wife was 8 years older then me,the youngest girl stayed with me,i was really never there parent more of friend.
Jen the youngest girl was now 18 she just started to get back to normal life going out with friends.
One saterday early evening i was watching tv it was pouring rain outside for the past 2 hours,when in come stumbling into the house was jen and her friend kyla both very drunk could barley walk or talk they just giggled,both soaking wet no jacket just tshirt and shorts on,i grabbed a towel laughing at then and guided them to jens room,i told them to dry off and sleep this one out they flopped on the bed i went back to tv room,after about 10 minutes i thought i would check on them,well they were both still in the wet clothes barely moving,i shook them both they just laid there and giggled,i told them they need to get out of the wet clothes or they will get sick,they were both shivering a bit so i looked on jens meesy floor and found her nighty it was tshirt type long that she alwasy wares,
I have never thought of jen sexually,so i thought well i will get her nighty on her,i removed her top then undid her shorts and removed them,her panties came down with her shorts,omg i was seeing her pubic hair brown and trimmend,iwas wareing jogging pants no undies on i got an erection,i held her up her arm over my shoulder to keep her from flopping down, i undid her bra and saw her breasts just like her mothers 34b her nipples were hard and so was i ,i felt instant guilt and struggled getting her nighty on putting her arms through,my other hand under her arm now,and for reasons beyound my control i felt her breast,i squeezed lightly then common sence kicked in and i felt instent guilt,i laid jen down on the bed on her stomach and was looking at her nice cute bum,i pulled her nighty down,then i looked over at kyla and thought well i better change her,as i was looking in her overnight bag i was thinking i was glad they were asleep and that they won't remember who changed them i found her nighty very simular to jens i aproched kyla the same way as jen convienceing myself i was doing this for the right reason., after i removed all her clothes she looked so stunning was very hard,her breasts were bit bigger then jens guessing c cup,i again got brave and touched her inner thigh brushing up against her pubic hair and ***** i felt her breast then put her nighty on,i laid her beside jen and returned to the tv room,after about 3 hours of watching tv and thinking what i just did i felt guilt yet pleasure in seeing two young bodies ,its been along time since i have seen a naked women.then from the corner of my eye i saw kyls walk by and go to the kitchen few minutes later she came in to the tv room and sat across from me on the couch.
I said wow for being that drunk you dont look so bad ,she said that after i left the room she took an asprin and went back to sleep.
I was panicing inside ,did she take the asprin before i changed them or after,i was feeling very nervouse what does she think of me ,a sicko,perv.she then made small chit chat and was acting nrmal like nothing happend,she then turned towards me and lifted her leg on the couch, i had a small view of her pubic hair i was getting hard again her nipples poking through her tshirt,i was trying to cover my crotch and i caught her looking at me trying to hide it,she said to me you know boys have seen me naked before and touched me.i looked at her puzzled and was wondering were that came from,she smiled and said,i watched you change jen,and i kept my eyes closed when you changed me, my heart was thumping i was busted, i aplogized to her saying i know i crossed the line i am very sorry,i lost control seeing your beautiful body,she smiled and said its ok,jen and i talked about you earlier and we thought you were cute and how nice you are.i started to blush,she then said well you saw me anked can i see you. i fumbled with my words i said ok just once but check and make sure jen is still sleeping,she said its no big deal but she will,she left in which should have been 1 minute she was gone for 10 minutes i thought she was teasing me and went back to bed,but she came back and sat on the couch saying its all good,so looking at here imagining what i saw earlier i was very hard taking off my clothes ,i told her i was hard and off come my pants,she stared at me then walked over and started to feel my penis,i thought i was gonna come,she then said i have had sex before,i knew what she ment this time i took her to the couch and spread her legs and begain to lick her ,then i asked of she ever sucked on a man before she said no,but her and jen watch ****** ,she started suck me and wow felt like she was a pro, she played with my balls so gently i had to pull out i was gonna come,i then got her on all fours and we did it doggy style,then missionary for about a minute then i pulled out and comed on her belly,i told i was not done yet i just needed a rest ,so we talked and then i fingered her and before no time i was hard agin,she said that the boys she had been with never lasted as long as i did the first time so she was intrieged i was still going,we did it dif ways for about another 2 hours,then as we sat there naked i asked her not to tell jen,she said jen would not mind and pointed to the door way,there was jen peeking ,i was covering my penis and jen walked in and was smileing ,kyla walked away to the bedroom and jen sat down ,i was feeling embarraessed coveing my penis,she said she watched the whole thing,that kyla woke her up to watch,and she said it will be her turn tomorrow and kissed me on the cheek and went to bed.
the next morning i was making breakfast when the girls came in still in there nightys,i had never paid attention before last night but jens nipples were through her top, iwas aroused again,after they ate kyla came over to me kissed me o nthe cheek and said thank you for last night and lifted her nighty and flashed me,and walked away saying i have to change i gotta go see ya next weekend rob.
Jen stayed and talked and said she is going with kyla but she will be home after supper with a movie and we can talk then,
all day i was in awe over what happend .
later that night jen came home put on her nighty and sat down with me on the couch,we watched the movie for a bit then she said ok will you get naked for me now since you saw me,ok just once ok,as i was removing my clothes she asked if i liked seeing her naked,i was getting hard and i said yes you are very beautiful,she then took off her nighty,she said no kissing ok but can we go to the bedroom and just have sex like you and kyla,i have only done it twice before and it sure was not like that,i followed her to the bedroom i was rock hadr and we played for hours,we fell asleep and woke up before school and we did it again,we discussed it later that night it is just sex only no relationship,we had sex 1 to 2 times week for the next year till she moved away to japan to teach english, i have not seen her in 11 years but we email at least once a month,she is married now and said she is comeing home in afew months to visit and asked if she could stay with me i said yes of course ,not sure what will happen ,but i do have the memmorries
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I want to **** my stepdaughter so bad. In her short shorts and smoking sexy legs. I fantasize about her all the time. How can I approach it subtle?

That is so hot

My Step daughter just turned 18 but is always walking around in her panties especially more when her mother is @ work. She stares @ my crotch when I walk around in my underwear. SHe looks up @ me and smiles. What does this mean?

wonderful taking a chance can be so rewarding.

i understand you, i have a stepdaughter and she makes me feel excited all the time, she smells wonderfull even after working out... I hope some day I have the opportunity to be with her...

Sounds amazing... Was thinking you should have married her... You didn't love her? It was really just for sex? I think that kind of sucks.

wow, i could imagine some of your guilt yet,man is man so i can also imagine the urge to feel and touch,i believe your lonelyness from loss of wife and her need for someone also who was closs to her mom.Di you ever have sex with her friend after that night again,<br />
<br />
p.s i know i would have been hard also looking at those girls changeing them