But Only Because My Wife Asked Me To

K, a close friend of my wife - actually the woman who had first hired her and someone I had met several times -- had been transferred overseas and was finding it difficult to make friends there. A couple of months later, when I told my wife I had to visit on business, she asked me if I would have dinner with her friend. Despite there never having been any hint of sexual attraction between us, my wife added with a grin that if I ended up in bed with her, that would not be a problem.

Over dinner, K asked me whether my wife was worried about her husband having dinner with an attractive woman while she was not there, because she knew my wife was very disciplined. Well, she thought she knew my wife.

I said that it was not a problem, the same way I did not mind when she went out for dinner with male friends. Her curiosity aroused, she started to push, saying that surely I was aware that men had one thing in mind when out with an attractive woman.

Not only was I aware of that but the possibility of that happening did not really concern me, as long as I knew the man. She argued that she could not believe that my wife would ever let another man kiss her, so I shook her completely by responding that things had gone a long way past that on previous occasions, had in fact ended with her having sex with another man. Though of course, I added, this was fine because I was there to make sure my wife was safe.

After she had recovered from the utter shock of hearing that her best friend engaged in ********** with two men, one of them her husband, she pressed me for specific details of what happened when two men and one woman were in bed -- who did what to whom, what order, etc.

I told her that my wife, far from the highly-principled young lady she assumed her to be, was an active and aggressive participant in ********** with two men using her body.

This led to some rather specific questions about who did what, in what position and order and how my wife could possibly enjoy being a complete **** (her word, not mine).

Having by now moved on to a bar, I challenged her to go to the bathroom and remove her lingerie, carrying it in her hands so it was visible when she returned. She immediately accepted the challenge and we continued our conversation with the men around us aware that she was naked under her clothes. Once it was clear that she was ready we headed to my suite, where we both ********.

With her naked on all fours, I started to describe some of the things that Naomi had experienced, how she had knelt in the same position—naked on the bed with her legs apart —as two men discussed how they wanted to take her, how she had let herself become a **** toy for two men, her body there purely to satisfy their pleasure. I asked her to imagine herself in the same situation then asked her to give me a *******.

She took my erect member slowly but steadily in her mouth and started gently teasing my balls as her tongue flicked across the tip of my ****, firmly wrapped in her lips.

When I asked her whether she thought my wife would enjoy hearing what an enthusiastic ****-sucker her former boss was, she raised her eyes to meet mine with an expression close to anger. Despite this, she did not release my ****, either from her hand or her mouth, so I assumed that she was happy with my description of her.

Positioning her on her knees, her legs wide open to keep her totally exposed, wanting her to understand how my wife felt when being a sluttish wife, I described in crude terms what an amazing sight she was with her arse high up, telling her how clearly I could see her luscious ****, lips wet and swollen, clearly ready to be ******.

She groaned with pleasure when I eased my probing **** between her drenched lips, slick with her own juices, and I could feel the muscles deep inside her grasping my shaft. Between gasps, she admitted that she had never dreamed that she would ever be ****** by her best friend’s husband, let alone that she would enjoy it so much.

She ended up staying in my suite for the next couple of nights, the two of us going to work at our separate offices and coming back to the room for more of the same. Each day, I was astounded by the transformation from the power-suited, high-flying businesswoman who entered my room each evening to the sex-crazed, shameless fucktoy spending all her time naked and submitting to my demands, even meeting them with her own increasingly-twisted requests.  Over breakfast before I had to leave, she told me with a sly grin that she had come to understand my wife's feelings when being ****** by two men, going so far as to admit that she too found she had loved being a complete ****. With this, she dropped to her knees and gave me a delicious farewell *******, naturally swallowing everything then heading off to work without brushing her teeth. She told me she wanted to be able to taste me throughout the day.

I told my wife all about this, which led to another amazing night, but that is another story.
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I love this story. What I would pay to have my wife be as open as yours to this. I know I am willing to be as open as you to having her shared by other guys. But I'm now sure I will never actually experience this. She is just entrenched in the idea that somehow there is something wrong with doing this.

Thanks for your comment. I am lucky that my wife has an almost male attitude to sex -- seeing it as a very pleasant form of physical exercise that need have no serious emotional content or attachment.

So she saw her lover on occasion, we had MFM and MFF, and I **** other women when the mood takes me -- though I do not have one regular fuckbuddy.

Our absolute rule is total honesty with each other. I would never dream of ******* another woman without telling her about it.