I Had Sex With My Cousin

so me and my boyfriend broke up 2 months ago...and i'm still single now. and i don't even feel the need to be in a relationship right now.
but sometimes i miss the the way we used to make out. that passion and that lust. i still remember the first time we got intimate and that ended up in the bed. i would not like to take much time on past things so directly jumping on the main topic...last week there was my elder sisters engagement. the engagement ceremony got over at 9pm. so then most of the guests were going back home. only few of the close relatives and and my cousins were there with us. one of my cousin, and i were sitting in the varanda. our parents were inside the house. they were gossiping and having conversation. so did we. we were talking on some common topics like hows our studies going on etc etc...then things started turning a little personal. i told him i had a breakup recently. and how i miss everything. he was very mush open minded so i told him everything we did and everything about our intimacy. my cousin was also single. so i asked him how you feel to be single and what do you do when you get aroused. 'watching porns', he replied with a laugh. and it was obvious. then suddenly he asked, how about me and you ?. i said 'what'...he replied, ''see you are single and even i'm the same. you are not enjoying your lust and even i'm not. i keep silent for a while...and then i just asked him one question, "place" ?
he smiled and took me to the store room of the house. i wasn't believing i was going to get intimate with my own cousin. he locked the door from inside. the room was little dusty as it was not in use since some time. there were no beds or chairs. and the floor was too was not clean enough to get laid. i was exploring more about the room then suddenly he held my hand and started pushing himself close to me. we hugged, then again we hugged...this time more tightly. now his face was just at a distance of around 2 inches from mine. i took the first step and kissed him on the lips. we kissed for almost 10 minutes ( taking small breaks for breathing ). then he removed his shirt and his pants. came close to me and started stripping off my saree. he took of the entire saree and then blouse and peticot. now i was in front of him only with bra and panty on. he asked me to put my hands on the wall and bend myself. then he lowered his underwear and started entering his thing in my *****. now he was penetrating with more force. i was feeling the pain but pleasure was more. i kept my moans low as much as possible do that no one hears us. then he withdrew his **** from my vagina and ********** on my ***. then we cleaned up, put on our cloths and went back inside the house....it was an amazing experience !!!
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That was more than two years ago. How are things going now?

great story but sick that's your cousin

Very nice story.