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My last relation wasn't a good one at all, I loved my boyfriend very much and he pressed me to do things I didn't want. But I didn't want him to leave me so I ended up doing what he wanted.

It was a proces of more then 2 years but in the end I followed him to sexparties and participated. It was my own choice, but it was made on the wrong basis... I hope never to make such a mistake again.

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2 Responses Oct 18, 2006

sex is to be enjoyed through mutual consent.. not enforced ...<br />
<br />
you tried being a good GF but he surely did not cherish you ...<br />
<br />
take care!

It is a double feeling, I have had good sex at occaosions. And other times it was terrible. <br />
In those conditions it is really depending on your own state of mind. <br />
Sometimes a had a great time, other times it really felt as being raped. The stupid thing is that you are only there having sex with others because you want to have sex with your boyfriend......