My Boyfriend's Best Friend

I had recently moved 130 miles away from my boyfriend. One weekend he and his best friend came to visit for the weekend. I had previously slept with his bff a couuple of times, but he had no idea.
The guys arrived on a Friday evening. We chatted, ate piza, drank a few beer, and watched some TV. About midnight, my boyfriend and I decided it was time for bed and we headed to my bedroom. When we got to bed, I realized that I would rather have his friend, but I couldn't say that to him. I told him I was on my period so he would back off. We made out a while and I jerked him off. Then he fell asleep.

I very quietly snuck out of bed and tiptoed across the hall to the spare bedroom where his bff was sleeping. I took off all my clothes and quietly tucked myself in bed next to him and immediately reached my hand into his shorts. My presence naturally woke him up and he turned to his side to face me. He asked about his bff and I reassured him that he was asleep.

For the next two hours my boyfriend's bff f****d my brains out. It was so hot because we were trying so hard to be quiet. We had to move to the floor because the bed was slamming the wall a liitle too hard. he blew a hot load onto my belly and another on my face. When we were done we climbed back into bed and laid there talking about how evil we were. I had intended to lay with him for only a few minutes, but we both fell asleep.

We were awakened at dawn by a very loud door slam and the shouting of the words: f*****g w***e! Needless to say, the relationship was over.
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you ****

I fuked my friends gal in the kitchen .. with my wife passed on the couch ...

I did this, only difference was I was loud as ******* hell and we didn't get caught. Thank goddness my bf is a heavy sleeper.

No kidding! Thanks guys. : )

and all that being quiet for nothing...:-) dc