My Neighbor

I live next to a couple with two kids, a girl of 15 and a 14 year old boy. Last your my neighbours finally decided to get maried, she is 38 and he is 40. They where together for 20 years.

I was asked to help her with her hair and getting dressed. A week before their mariage we did a dressrehersal at my place. I started doing her hairand while we where doing that we talked about bachelors parties. She tought they were stupid and only an excuse to do stupid thing before you get maried.
We continued talking about it while i finished her hair and she undressed to put on her weddingdress. I was delighted to see her beautifull body, although she is 38, her body is perfect, pretty slim with cup B, and long red hair. While we put on her dress we came to the discussion, what she would have done if it would be true that one could do anything on a bachelors party.... She said that she would have wanted to kiss with a woman once..........
It took only a couple of minutes before we were kissing..... and it went even further, I made love to her in her weddingdress.
We had great sex. A week laterwhile dressing to get to the church we kissed one lst time and I stroke her breasts before she put on the dress.... That was the last time, now that she is maried she doesn't want to do it anymore.....
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4 Responses Oct 26, 2006

it is a long time since this post, and in the meantime she got divorces, had an affair with another woman and is not married again with a men

mmm. got my motor runnin a lil there :) I haven't tasted a nice ***** or felt soft lips sensually kiss me in a long time! I'm strictly dickly but dilly dab in a lil womaness now & again when I do. only a woman knows what a woman wants sometimes. thanks for sharing :)

What a sweet story, thank you for sharing it.

I would like to try it too!!!