Bf's Girlfriend

One night I stopped in at the usual spot for a couple of beers, Denise was there alone , she had been there awhile and already was a bit tipsy, I sat next to her, she was supposed to meet Bill but he was was quite late, we called around to see if we could find out what happened, he had been called in to work and would be along time. After a couple of drinks I offered her a ride home. Denise was kinda a ****, she always wore mini skirts and revealing tops, as she got in the car I got a good look up her skirt, I got in , she lived about 2 miles the other way , not a very long drive, we pulled out of the lot and she slid over next me, I was'nt expecting that, soon her hand was on my leg very close to my crotch, so I put my arm around her shoulder, before you know it she was rubbing my crotch and had repositioned a bit so I could fondle her boob, We stopped the car about 2 doors from her house, ad started to make out, she undid my pants and reached in and pulled out my ****, I responded by getting my hand up her skirt and into her pussywe were both really hot and bothered now, next thing ya know she goes down on me, I could'nt help it, I think I came in about 1 min., she came back up and we kissed some more till i fingered her to climax, after a cool off period ,,we got ourselves together, I pulled up infront of her house and walked her to the door, she gave a quick kiss and thanked me for the ride. I always felt a little quilty about that, but luckily her and Bill did'nt stay together a real long time.
rollingdonut rollingdonut
56-60, M
Mar 20, 2011