a High School Reunion

I graduated from a very large high school in 1970 our graduating class had over 1200 people.By the next year in the fall of 1971I had started the career I work at yet today.1975 saw a slow down in construction and I was back in my home area hoping for a call to go back to work.I was in the grocery store one afternoon and saw a girl I had gone to school with.I said hi to her and she seemed surprised to see me.(I'll not use my or her real name here)Why Pete Summers where have you been the last 4 years nobody has seen you.I told her what I was doing and basically was just waiting for another call to head out again.She told me she had married one of the guys from school and had two kids and that he was off living with someone else and they were getting divorced.Seeing an opportunity here I asked if she would like to get together.She accepted for the next night.When I went to pick her up her kids were gone (at her mothers) and I felt that this was a good omen.Sure enough she asked me to sit down and tell her about my life.She sat close to me and I knew I was on the right track.Her hand came to rest on my leg and I moved closer to her.Sharon had some major **** on her and they were now less than six inches from my face.I curled my arm around her and she came readily to me.We were kissing and I was rubbing those great boobs.She took my hand and pulled me from the couch to the bedroom we went.Oh my god her her boobs beautiful.I was sucking her nipples and she was pushing me down urging me to eat her *****.She had a beautiful bush of chestnut brown hair and I could smell her sex and feel the heat from her hole.When I began to lick her ,her hole was sopping wet and she came in less than two minutes.We moved to a 69 her making sloppy noises as she sucked me.*** in my mouth she said I've got two kids already.As shuddered out another climax I fed her my *****.We were laying side by side and she told me how her life was totally ****** now and she needed help from her family to survive.She said she wished she had known me better as she had had a crush on me but said you were an athlete so you had the best girls in school.Later we ******  and I pulled my **** out before shooting and covered those **** with my goo.God was that good she said I've only ****** one other guy since my husband left.I spent the night with her and the next morning we ****** again.Her ***** was a furnace and as wet and slick as it could be.When I left her she was on her way to get her kids and she invited me back again.Two days later I got my call and was gone.I have never seen her since.
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Great story! I had something like that at school reunion too!