Cheating Sex And Sex With My Cousin

My vice though is that even though I’m in a good relationship, I do like the buzz of cheating. In my case, when I cheat it’s for those reasons, the sex can be great but actually it’s just a small part. It’s the buzz of doing what you’re not supposed to be doing. My relationship is good and yes, I shouldn’t be doing it, and I always make sure I would never be caught, 50% for self protection and 50% to stop my gf from getting hurt and I would never be with someone where I thought they wouldn’t be able to do that or perhaps expect more from it! Texting 2 people with the same message is fun and a few times we even had the others on the phone chatting… unaware of what was going on …amazing thrill.
Some people get the thrill from action sports or parachute jumps etc, but for me the thrill of doing what your not supposed to be doing. I was with my cousin once. Just like cheating I did it for the same thrill of doing something you are not supposed to be doing. That’s the way with my and my cousin, she is very similar minded to me. We went out for a drink one night and had been opening up to each other / chatting… as had happened before came back to my place and chatted. At some point we gradually realised there was more than a buzz in the air…. The rush at even the thoughts of what may be in her mind and mind was like an adrenalin free fall… those moments were like living in another universe. The anticipation that led up to the casual touch and lightest of hints back and forth, wondering were we both thinking the same…. To say it was such a thrill is a huge understatement. And that moment of the initial hand touch, the crossed border, that slightest of infractions was like a boom of emotions never before even considered… all I could think was this is wrong and that just pulled me and my cousin further and further in… our first kiss, the stopping for a few seconds to ask should we do this… was like moving from 1D black and white to 3D Colour and eventually I stopped and stood up and held her hand as we walked to my bedroom… that alone was a mind blowing and I wish today I could experience even part of that rush of that short walk. The usual things physically guys and girls do seemed to be electrostatic and I’m sure if Id been a single guy who met her as just some random person in a night club it would have been no where near that.
I think one day it may possibly happen again… but it will be natural and evolve. Everything is great between us and we talk openly about our relationships and so on. I wouldn’t change it for the world, Experience Project has allowed me to tell a story I have longed to tell, not brag, but just connect and say how great cheating is and likewise with my cousin. It is great to share! So I don’t look for consolation or guilt or force doubt. I Embrace it and enjoy the experience!
I would love to hear from people who experience the same.
Please don’t bother replying with moralising comments. If this is not for you… Fine!
But if you truly understand what I’m talking about please get in touch!and
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oh wow... -___- wasn't like that with any of my cousins. I forgive you.

haha this is hilarious

keep your comments to yourself if you cant be respectful

I dunno bout the cheating part but I agree about doing things that we know we aren't supposed to do being the rush. I too ****** & am ******* a 1st cousin of mines. best sex in the world by far! (or my cousin is really really good @ pleasing & pleasuring women, which I dare not question how he learned :-/) I can't judge either cause I too was still in a relationship when me & my cuz hooked up but although I didn't let my bf @ the time know why I dumped him, I at least settled that part of my life before I moved on but as u mentioned, it's not cool hurting those who love & trust you. after all, how would u like it if a/the girl u loved told u outta the blue or u found out on ur own that she was ******* around on u. worse yet, what if someone catches something or someone ends up getting knocked up. think about it before u think wit the wring head us all I'd have to suggest from experience. read my stories & you'll see why Im all for fantasy cousin nookie & "bragging tales", but just be careful :)

good man ... glad you had fun ... i used to suck my cousin's boobs too.... she ws damn hot ...<br />
<br />
i love that ... the buz of doing it when you are not supposed to ....<br />
<br />
keep it UP ;)