My Teammates

About 3 years ago I discovered the fact that I have feelings for girls too, after another year i decided to tell it to my friends and also to my fieldhockeyteam.

ofcourse there where some doubts in the team, but all of them accepted it and I promised them that I would try to make a pass on one of them. They all had boyfriends, so I wouldn't try even if I would have been interested.

about 2 months after I had told them, we had a nice party at the hockeyclub. One of my teammates who was drunk, came over to me and started all kind of questions about being bi, haveing sex with women etc. At a certain moment she said that she would like to have sex with a girl once, and she wanted to go home with me after the party. Since she is a nice girl and she is goodlooking I was interested, but since she was drunk I expected that it wasn't a good idea to do it.

I told her that if she was serious and if she could remember it the next day, she was more then welcome the next evening at my place. To my surprise the next evening she was there. We had a very nice evening that ended indeed in bed. It was a very nice one time experience, she did like it, but only from a sex point of view. No love involved.

Some time afterwards, she told one of her friends.... and her friend told another. And very quickly the whole team knew it. I expected that there would be some problems, but I was wrong. Since that time, 3 others have come to me because they also wanted to know what it would be like,  or better said 2 of them just wanted to try and one had been bi for a longer period but didn't tell anyone before.

I was really surprised how many women want to have had sex with a woman at least once... I did enjoy it....but I stopped answering each request, I am not a sex school......(as I said, not each request....)


linda linda
26-30, F
Oct 31, 2006