My Sexy French Teacher

the year after i left school i met up with my old french teacher, we went to his house for what he said was 'french catchup'
when we got there conveniently his friend was there.
when we got in he confessed he always fancied me and wanted to wait until i was out of school.
i was a bit shocked but said yes to him.
thank god i did as i never got any sleep all night with the both of them passing me from each other and doubling up on me, i genuinly culdnt walk properly for a while afterwards!!!!!
just remembering how they abused me is such a strong feeling even 10 years later
olliegulliver olliegulliver
22-25, M
1 Response May 12, 2011

OllieGulliver: It is my strong medical-opinion that you could have avoided the whole situation - by moving your residence to the lower east-side and changing your name to ErdaPlumb. DoctorLPIII