I Had Sex With Superman

I finally found Superman leaving the kitchen and followed him. His red cape followed first and I tried to keep up with them both. Each time I turned into another room I saw only his cape escape into yet another doorway until it disappeared down below. It seemed surreal at first watching the red cape of Superman disappear below the floor until I realised there were steps beyond the doorway leading down below the house. I thought it might be a basement and I followed the cape down the steps.

At the bottom the room opened into a long corridor shaped dungeon. The walls were bare block with lumpy cement squeezed between them as if the weight of the house was oozing more from between them as the years went by. The walls of the corridor shaped room were piled high with bottles of what seemed like only wine at first and that’s when I realised it was a wine cellar. Superman turned to me as I reached the bottom step. ‘Hello’ he said as if we had entered an alternate reality where Marvel meets Disney in an underground bunker. I wondered how any story would bring these characters together in such unlikely surroundings as I walked towards him.

‘I’m looking for an XO’ he said, ‘What’s that?’ I questioned. ‘It’s a very special brandy’ he said ‘Would you like to try some?’ ‘No thanks’ I said ‘I prefer wine’. ‘How do you know if you don’t try it?’ he said but I wasn’t interested in any drink he had on offer and instead I was looking for my prince but right there and then I was happy to settle for Superman.

He lifted a bottle from the rack and blew the dust of it, ‘That’s the one’ he said and he presented me with an odd shaped bottle that reminded me of a glazed pear.

‘You sure you don’t want to try it?’ ‘Definitely not’ I said and he cradled it like a baby in his arms. ‘I better get this upstairs’ he said and the bitter taste of disappointment swirled around in my mouth as if I had drank what I had been offered. ‘I better get another drink too’ was my reply and we turned to leave the cellar together but as I started up the steps I felt his hand reach under my yellow shiny skirt and I stopped in my tracks.

His hand went straight inside my pants without waiting and edging slowly like he had done on the coach. He came up the steps beside me and I turned to face him. With his hand still groping my *** under my pants he reached his head towards me and we kissed. His lips tasted of beer and the feeling of his fingers teasing my vagina made me breathe heavily and snog him hard thrusting my tongue into his mouth as he fingered me again. His fat hard fingers punctured me and filled me with excitement. Once he stopped kissing me and pulled his head away he looked into my eyes and shoved his fingers deep inside me. I closed my eyes at first but as his finger loosened the lips of my vagina they opened again to see him looking at me like before and I recognised the stare. He wanted me and I think I gave him the same look in return wanting him to **** me there on the basement steps, hoping he would force his big burly body onto me but instead he said, ’We better go’ and I turned as his fingers left me and tried to wobble back up the steps. My legs felt like jelly beneath me barely holding me up but I managed to climb them and return to the party.

Later that night I found him again sitting on the sofa. Little Bo Peep had gone to bed and there were only stragglers left. It was late and the party was coming to a close but I took my chance to sit next to my Superman and I curled up against him on the sofa. He was chatting to Dracula and a werewolf who were sitting on the opposite sofa whilst Crocodile Dundee slept slumped on the chair beside the fireplace.

I was getting cold and was shivering as I sat down close beside him. Ever the gentleman Superman removed his cape and placed it over me as a blanket. Some of the cape lay across him and covered his lap so we were both under its cover and as he chatted to the dark prince I slid my hand along under our make-shift red blanket and edged it closer to his red pants. It was like our roles were reversed as it was my hand inching steadily between his legs and I could feel his bulge stirring below as my hand crept over his pants and found his bulge just like he had done to me on the coach but I was quicker and much less retrained with my hand. I massaged his bulge as it grew beneath my palm as the prince of darkness chatted away oblivious to the pleasure Superman was getting from Snow White. Eventually I stopped as Superman shot up to go the toilet and didn’t return.

As I waited on the return of my hero Dracula bored me and his partner the Wolfman had also fallen asleep so I too decided to retire regretting that I had not seen more of Superman’s bulge or felt his strong arms holding me.

I went off to bed and seemed to fall asleep with ease. I had removed my costume and hair band as well as my sparkler and was wearing one of my boyfriend’s heavy metal t-shirts to bed as I had forgotten my night dress which was typical of me as all I had thought about was my outfit on the run up to the event.

As I drifted off though, to a land where Superman and I lived in a Disney castle, I heard my door open and it woke me. I wasn’t sure at first how long I had been asleep but I was sure it was the door that woke me. I opened my eyes as I was facing the door and in the darkness I could make out the weedy silhouette of my boyfriend as some light escaped through the door along with him. He slipped into bed beside me and I noticed immediately his freezing cold feet against my skin. They startled me at first like two blocks of smooth but dry ice rubbing against my legs.

We kissed but I waited until he had warmed up before I let him touch me. Before long he had removed his t-shirt from over my head and we made love. After the event he decided to creep back to his room and kissed me goodnight turned and left. I turned away from the door and curled my naked body into a ball under the covers.

A few moments later I heard the door again. Back for more, I thought so I lay there waiting for his weedy arms and cold feet to touch me but they didn’t. Instead the bed fell away behind me as if a boulder had moved in behind me. The crater pulled me backwards towards the large rock and then an outstretched arm came across my chest. It was huge as if it were two of my boyfriends joined together. It was also heavy and warm and I knew straight away that it belonged to Superman as it caressed my breasts. His hand felt all over my front massaging my chest and feeling my stomach before moving down between my legs. I felt my body gyrating as his fingers found their way back to where they had been before and my legs parted with ease letting them inside me. I turned onto my back to see him tower over me as he leant in to once again kiss me and I remember tasting the brandy from his lips.

He lifted my leg back over his so he could manoeuvre his crotch around to meet mine and continued to rub me with his fingers as he slid his erect penis inside me. We kept kissing as he ****** me and he rubbed my clitoris with his big fat fingers. We gyrated together for ages kissing wildly and licking each others tongues as he grinded with me keeping himself inside me before he came.

Ever since my 17th birthday I had been on the pill and kept myself safe but and always used a condom when I made love to his son but there was no time for that and the feel of him coming inside me was one I will never forget as he came with the same ferocity as he did earlier that day when I held him in my hand. Afterward he lay there inside me holding me in his strong arms and I wanted that moment to last forever. I didn’t care about my boyfriend or his jealous tantrums, perhaps he knew all along I wasn’t settled with him and wanted a man that he could never be. I wasn’t sure but I knew, at that moment, lying there in his father’s arms I was in heaven.

It was peaceful and euphoric and if I had only knew then how long it would be before I felt like that again I would never have let him go but as his penis withdrew from me and shrunk back down he lost interest and left me.

I lay there thinking about my life and the men or boys I had been with or had been inside me. At the age of twenty I had been with so many and although I had sex many times up to that point I had never experienced an ****** or felt a true passion with my partners.

The men I had been were the most powerful and enjoyable even if short lived. The college professor and my boyfriend’s dad had made me feel the most excited but neither wanted me for anything other than sex. I knew that when he left me that night and it disappointed me. Perhaps if Mr. Johnston my art teacher and I had got together? I thought, but then I realised I was living in cloud cuckoo land. What man was going to want me? I was dirty, damaged goods, I thought and I felt sad and lonely as I lay there with his come oozing out of me.

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Great story!


ill have what shes smoking!!!


Very nice. Drew me in. Good job.

Damaged goods?