How Did Lovers Who's Fathers Are Brothers Happen??

Yep, you heard it right, Im in a romantic & sexual relationship with a 1st cousin. Before judgements gets passed, let me tell you of how this happened and why im sharing. Yes, i did say our fathers are brothers. the thing is, when growing up, i didnt really spend much time with the extended family on my fathers side. and no, my parents arent seperated, theyre still together and its just i was never around and we come from a huge extended family so i didnt know much of anyone except for knowing of them. it wasnt until the past few years when i graduated HS & started to live my life. long story short, we got to know one another and like everyone here says, "it just happened" yeah, he told me he shouldnt be feeling the feelings he has and to be honest his boldness amung other things is what attracted me to him. he's a few years older than me and isnt my 1st. when i 1st discovered this site, i was hooked and love how i found others in the same boat as me and make me feel better knowing im not alone. it astounds me still to this day how almost everyone here who shared cousin related taboo experiences are almost all generally the same and it sucks when you have to hide things. i continue to share the same experiences more or less to let others know how much it feels better to vent and let someone know what your going thru instead of keeping it all bottled up. at the same time, im also hoping to find others who i can relate to and ask questions to to see how things are with them and how they deal with things. we havent told anyone and as far as everyone knows, no one thinks anything of us as we play it off around others and only show our affections behind closed doors and by the way, the sex is the best! those whove had cousin sex know what im talking about :)
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Nothing wrong with relationships between cousins. How is it bad for two people to love each other?

wow! i love how this EP connects strangers from all over without the fear of others knowing! i too am in a relationship with my cousin and we even almost had a baby! but yeah, that didnt happen but is one of the personal experiences ive experienced so far in this "forbidden love" awesome story sam! and to the others here, feel free and check out my stories as well, ive gotten to know sam some and her and i have near identical situations, its crazy!

good for you ladee v!! same boat here. dunno how your situation came about, but mine, like lots of others here say, mine "just happened". he told me how he felt and the rest is history. how long have you been in your relationship and how do you guys go about it? we're lucky in that i live with him. he's a bit older than me too but its complicated as most here say too :-/ i sure am glad i found this site tho. a means to "vent". we've been a "couple" some years now and i honestly dont know where were going but oh well. enjoying the awesome nookie in the mean time :D

i know what ur going thru..were almost had a same stories..are fathers are brothers too..some of our relatives accepts us and some are not...i think the only thing were different is were not living together im here in the philippines and he's in california..but every year he always finds time to have avacation so we can have time hard to wait...i miss him alot and love him so much...

its hard isnt it? how did your experiecnes start out/off? did it "just happen" as everyone, myself included, says? the only thing wit mines is he's quite a bit older, im in my early 20s and hes in his 30s and he directly approached and confronted me saying the sweetest things and we ****** right then and there. dunno what it was about his confidence, he just straight out came out and said how bad he wanted to be 1 with me. i know, i know, what can i say, i fell hard for him and managed to keep what we got going for as long as we have/did. i have other stories/experiences that explains a lil more if you havent already read or saw. check em out sometimes if not and tell me whatcha think and tell me about you and yours if you dont mind me asking.

I completely understand what you're going through. I'm currently in a relationship with a first cousin (our mothers are half sisters) and we also keep it a secret from the rest of the family. We didn't even know about each other until we were older (me 17, he 21). But I know he loves me and I love him so we're just continuing with how things are.