Another Day With Karen A.

One day, during my senior year of HS, we had "Skip Day". Basically, the way it worked is that we would show up for Home Room to be counted and by 7:35 am, we were out the door, headed to the beach or wherever the closest party was going to be. Most of the teachers didn't care. It was like a free day off for them, they didn't assign homework and they got to spend their day in their breakroom smoking cigarettes and Irishing up their coffee.

When I came out of school we were all standing in a group talking about where to go. Most of us were headed to the beach. My girlfriend was nervous about heading to the beach. She was kind of a nerd...a horny little nerd, with very strick parents. Annie and I pulled off to the side and started talking about whether or not she was going...she just needed a little bad boy influence.

Her decision was made. If she was going to go, she would go with her girlfriends and meet me there. She gave me a long kiss, her swollen breasts pushed against me. The thought of seeing her at the beach in her bikini, combined with her strawberry lip balm really made my balls start to tingle.

As got in her car, I headed to mine. I heard a little horn tap behind me. It was Mrs. A.

"Hey little boy, want some candy?" she giggled. She stopped next to me. I could feel her underssing me from behind her sunglasses.

"Sure." I looked down in the car. She was wearing short cut off jeans; her tan legs ending in a set of heels. Her Journey tank top showed just enough of her cleavage to keep my motor running after the kiss from my girlfriend.

"Looks like that little kiss your girlfriend gave you is making your pants tight."

I could feel my face turning red. I wanted to tell her it was her tan legs and her cleavage combind with the memories of the first time we had sex that was doing it to me but she still made me nervous.

After a pause that seemed like it was forever she said, "Get in. I can help you with that. Then you can go to the beach to meet your girlfriend." She winked, smiled and I climed in her van.

As she drove out of the parking lot she reached over to my **** and gave it a squeeze. "Mmmm, Mama loves this." My face turned red again. "Do you not like when I call myself Mama?"

"Um, no..I mean, I do like it. It's just kind of...I dunno."

"Baby," she tenderly said, "You don't ever have to be embarassed about what turns you on with me. I will never laugh at you...ever." With that, I felt relief. My nervousness started subsiding and was slowly being turned into arrousal.

"Um, well, I like thinking you of a mother teaching me how to do it." I hung my head, still a little embarassed.

"Me too, baby, me too." She smiled coyly.

It was a quiet ride. She turned on the radio, put down the windows and we enjoyed the air. She took us down some back roads before finally coming to a dirt road. It was the kind of road that had tall grass in the middle because of its lack of use. She turned off the radio. The only noise that was made was the low hum of her motor.

We were about a mile into the woods when she stopped. She leaned over, gently took my face, turned it toward her and kissed me. She slowly pulled away from me, gently biting my lip. "Let's get out."

We got out and met at the front of her van. She was like an animal. She started kissing me, her hands going directly to my already hard ****. "We are out her in the woods, all makes me horny." She bit into my neck. The mix of pleasure and pain was fantastic. She undid my shorts and let them drop to the ground. I could feel the precum practically spilling out of my ****.

She knelt in front of my and licked the tip of my **** and as she pulled away, the bead of precum formed a little erotic bridge from the head of my **** to the tip of her tounge. "I bet that little **** of yours doesn't do this." She leaned forward and pushed my **** to the back of her throat. She pulled her mouth off my spit covered **** and quickly stroked it. She looked up at me waiting for the look that would tell her I was about to ***.

I must have given her that really felt so ******* awesome:) !

She stood up and took my shirt off. It felt wierd being totally naked outside...but a good kind of wierd. She stepped back. "Well look at you." She smiled again. My **** was so hard it hurt. I have never been that hard before. I had that animalistic feeling to procreate. I didn't care. I was naked and hard outside and wanted to ****.

She lifted her tank top over her head, her beautiful mature brown nipples hardening with excitement. She undid her jeans, their tightness forcing her to wiggle her hips to get them to the ground. I started giggling looking at her still in her heals, in the woods, with nothing on. "You should never laugh at a naked woman, baby."

"I know, I'm just nervous. I like the heels, but, it's just wierd to be out in the woods with nothing else on but our shoes."

"She giggled to, walked toward me, and kissed me again. The head of my **** pushed against her stomach and downward to her *****. Little moans came from her throat as we kissed. "Let me show you what the heels are for."

She spun around and put her naked *** against the front of her van. She pulled me close and spread her legs, just enough so the head of my **** would push against her trimmed, wet opening. "Not yet, baby." She push the top of my head and I kneeled in front of her. She reached down and exposed her **** and gave it a gentle swirl with her long, red fingernail. "Kiss me here, baby. Put your tounge right on it." I obliged.

Her fingernails stroked my head. "Now suck it a little...not to hard." She tasted sweet. I could smell the lavender soap she used to shower with. She lifted a leg and put it on my shoulder and pulled me closer. "Now slide a couple of fingers in." I reached up with my left and and slid my middle and ring finger in. She started grinding her hips into my face as she ****** my fingers. "Oh **** yea, finger Mama's *****, baby. Finger is good." Inside I chuckled to myself. I really did love when she said that, but it was still new to me.

I could feel the precum dripping out of my ****. I was so horny, so ready to *** on her command. She grabbed my hair and stood me up. "Mmmm, you're a good boy." She kissed me deeply. "Do you think it's wierd that I like to taste my ***** off of you?"

"No, ma'am." I said. I don't know why I said it that way, but I did. Nerves probably...or probably the fact that I didn't know how to answer her.

"Oooh, I like that." She reached down and buried a finger in her swollen **** and put it between our lips. "Lick it."

"Yes ma'am". As I liked her finger, she did too.

"Do you like your Mama dirty?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am." With that she spit in her hand, reached for my **** and covered it with her saliva.

"Now you're going to see what the heels are for." She turned around, grabbed my **** and put it against her waiting *****. Instantly, I got the idea. Her hips were lifted to just the right height. "Push it in my baby, push it in me." And so I did. I could feel how wet she was, how warm it was like being home. "That's it baby, **** Mama's *****. Faster're not gonna hurt me."

Faster and faster I worked my hips. She pushed back harder and harder. "Oh **** yeah...**** my *****!" She yelled into the woods. It was wierd not having to worry about someone catching us...but then again, I really wouldn't have cared at that point either.

My young balls tightened ready to fill her womb. I didn't think I could get any harder, but I did. "*** in Mama's ***** baby. I want it. Give me your special gift!"

With that, I unloaded. I grunted louder than I ever had. It felt so good to not be afraid, not be ashamed or embarassed. "That's it baby, give it all to Mama. Spurt after spurt filled her womb. I wouldn't have cared if I got her pregnant. In fact, at that moment in time, I felt that dominance and power of having another mans wife. It was a high I wll never forget.

When I was done, she pulled off of me, my *** slowly oozing from her quim.

She kneeled in front of my and started studying and tasting my ****. With one hand she guided it in her mouth, the other went between her legs.

She was feverishly working her **** as she cupped my empty balls and kept moaning with my softening **** in her mouth. At the last second, she let my **** fall out of her mouth and concentrated on ************.

"Look at my ***** baby, look at it." As I looked down she gave a loud moan. A stream of fluid splashed on the leaves between her feet. I had never seen anything like that before. I froze solid. I didn't know what to do. She ran her hand back and forth of her *****, the remaining fluid splashing everywhere, including my shoes and her heels.

She let out a loud moan of relief. Between her heave breathing she askedd, "Ever seen that before."

"No, ma'am."

"Don't worry, it's not ****...I'm a squirter when I'm with the right partner. It's been a long time." With that she smiled and kissed me again. Our bodies pressed together basking in lust.

"Let's get you to the beach so you can think about me when you kiss your girlfriend." She gently bit my ear and whisphered, "I like knowing your young, smooth **** is going have me all over you today."

She grabbed her clothes and got dress...I followed, we left...satisfied for the day;)
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I would never experience your story as i am older now. Thank for sharing your experiences

Oh, for the good old days when learning was so much fun....<br />
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great story....

great story I miss those day of fun and freedom

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