What Do I Do

So i cheated on my wife before we got married with 8 other people. I only had sex with 3 of these people the others i just fooled around with. she doesnt believe in divorce. i feel like if i tell her she will be heart broken for the rest of our lives, but if i dont i will have this deep wound on my heart. I would sacrafice that if i knew it was the right thing to do. we have been married for 1 year and i have not cheated on her since we got married. i also have just became religous and am christian and i think that this is while i feel so bad. i have always felt that if she didnt find out it wouldnt hurt her but i feel like ive hurt her whether i tell her or not. please help.
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3 Responses Nov 20, 2011

Tell her the truth. She deserves not to be lied to.

it was before you were married so leave it for now. If she asks thats one thing but its not going to help you to ruin your married life at this point.

I feel the truth is the best in most cases, however your affairs with others should stay with you and you alone. At least for now. If she asks then you can decide to tell her. good luck