My Older Sister

When I was in my mid teens my sister taught me a lot about sex. I remember her boy friend coming to the house after school and always trying to screw her. They would make out a lot eventually they would go in the bedroom and I would always go to the door, which my sister never closed. I would look through the door jam and had a good view of the whole room, I was hoping to see them have intercourse, but she would always defuse the situation by jacking him off. I remember today still thinking that he may have been the biggest I have seen. His penis head was bigger than my sister's hand and he was real big around. Every time he was about to *** my sister would point his penis down toward to the rug, he would shoot steak after streak of ***** all over the rug. One day he saw me looking through the door and I remember that day he looked right at me when he did his ******* and he seemed to do alot more, he really smiled at me alot after that, knowing that I saw that big thing he had. He ended up marrying my sis, I always had fantasies about how he would be but never to this day have I had the chance.
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its real??????????????
i,m from iran & i cant know it

If u want to hear the rest of the story....add me

Other than when we were growing up. My sister has never seen me naked. Since like I was 15 and she was 11 or 12. My family and I were staying out of town at a motel for a few days visiting family. It was Sunday and we were all running around in different stages of getting dressed for church all in one room other than the bathroom. Not given much choice in a hotel room. I was in the shower. when my sister walks in and yells, "Don't come out I'm getting dressed." I yelled back, "Alright hurry up". I could hear her hang her dress on the hook on the back of the bathroom door. The shower curtin was open on one end just enough that I could see her without her being able to see me. She proceeded to button the top of her 2 piece pj's. As she did do, her bear chest came into view as due completely removed her top. There before my virgin eyes. was the first pair of bear breasts that I had ever been in the same room with when they were bear. My sister took her pj top and wiped away the steam from the bathroom mirror. Then proceeded to. model for herself her at least almost b cup breasts. I knew she had them. But to see I get a honed even now just thinking and imagining it now like it was then.

Know how you feel. I live with 4 women. Have seen a lot of everything.

Keeping it a fantasy can also add to the excitement; sometimes more than the real thing. Enjoyed the story. Thanks

As tempting as it sounds, I sometimes think the fantasy is better than the reality. Esp if you are not sure you want to pursue it, then I say keep it for your mind when you are ************.