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Back Courts.

I am fifteen and in school. I have the hots for this teacher, she is on the milf side about 45. Her daughter is in my year. Anyway, she is my sport teacher, best rack I've ever seen and wears tight tops, sometimes see through. Two weeks ago after the tour de France she wore a tight see through cycling top. It started to rain on the courts and she got the best hard nipples. I was goalie and after I passed the ball and most people weren't watching h boob popped out. I had the best view and she saw I had seen. At the end of class she asked me to stay behind once everybody left she asked me to not tell anyone. Then to my delight she asked what I thought. I said it was the best day of my life. Then she lifted up her top to let both **** hang out. I smiled as she reached for my hand and placed it on her left boob. She had the best circle nipples and a sexy tan breast. Nice and hard and puffy nipples. She took me to the back corner where no one can see and pulled down my pants as she knelt down. Her hands and mouth worked my **** till I came all over her ****. She smiled and pulled off both pants in one motion, to reveal her trimmed *****, not shaved but still the best hair ever. I bent over and licked it out for five minutes before she pushed me off. Then lied down on the cold ground and guided my **** into her *****. We went like that for 20 minutes before she asked for a 69. I agreed and licked her vagina. But I couldn't stay away from her ****. I don't know what positions we did but it was the best day of my life. Since she has sent me pictures to keep me busy. Go miss Hawker
Hots4teacher Hots4teacher 13-15 2 Responses Nov 27, 2011

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Do tell more and add me please

I am now going out with her daughter.