Another Guy.

Well two actually. But we'll only get into one right now. Met him when I was single and starting to patrol at a coffee house. We ended up going to a bar and drinking a bit then driving around after. We got talking about life and sex and all that good sex and one thing lead to another, he had my **** out of my pants and was stroking it while we talked. Not wanting to be the party pooper I felt the need to reciprocate. This went on for a good ten minutes or so before we hopped over the seat to the back of his car and he started blowing me. Let me tell you. Its true. Women have a hard time competing with men. They know what to do. When to do it. How to do it. I will say as a disclaimer, women tend to be a bit more teasing and have their own set of skills that make them fabulous at ******** but guys when they want to suck you off. Hello shop vac. He did a totally fantastic job and swallowed every last drop like a pro. He ended up laying back and not having much experience I just stroked him for a few minutes before I asked if he wanted to **** me. Honestly, I have a great ***, who wouldn't want to **** my ***? I've had tons and tons of compliments about my *** from men and women over the years. Its likely that if I ever get a flabby *** I will likely shoot myself. Anyhow, with a lack of condoms or lube, we decided to play it safe. And off to the store and over to his place for someplace a bit more comfortable. We shopped, we got snacks, we got back to his place and got naked. Now, if you are butt shy, you should work on getting over it. Love your butt, if you love your butt, getting rimmed will be one of the best experiences you will ever have. Especially when worked up and down in between both areas of interest. The taint being of great sensitivity and fun also. I'm especially thankful that this guy didn't have an especially large **** because if it was, I'm sure I would have never done this again. But he lubed me up with his fingers and worked on me for a while while I was on my hands and knees and gave me a reach around to get me to relax. After a while he had me lay down on my belly flat and entered me. The thing that he definitely was, was curved perfectly to hit the prostate. If you haven't had an ****** while your prostate was being gently rubbed, you're missing out guys. This guy rode me and rode me and rode me, I was so into it I didn't even realize he was really ramming the hell out of me. Eventually I had him roll over and rode him while facing him as he jerked me off. When he finally came, I stopped and stayed on him while he lubed me up and furiously jerked me off till I shot all over him. Its one of the few times in my life I've wanted to just curl up right there and not move for days. It was ******* amazing.
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Great story! Made me very hard.

And it all started with coffee, great story