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I was on holiday at the time and i had become really good friends with the guys in the bars! (i had been there already before!)

One of the guys who liked me from first day of first holiday asked me if i had any fantasies!!!
I have had a ********** before (me and 2 girls) but my ultimate fantasy was a ********* with 2 guys!!! every guy i have ever spoke to always suggest another woman or just freak out that i said another man!

But he said that can be arranged! Then another guy who i had been wanting for ages started to flirt with me giving me kisses when ever he walked past!
By the end of the night i had had alot to drink but i thought i want this guy now! i couldn't wait any longer so i went into there shared bedroom and started to have sex with him! and then from nowhere the guy who had wanted me for months was stood at the end of the bed! i grabbed him and pulled him towards me and i said you wanted to know so do it for me!!

He didn't complain and started to play with my **** while t'other one was thrusting inside me! then 2 other guys came in and asked if they could stay!  I thought i was in heaven it was so much better than my original fantasy!!

I had so much fun with the other guys but sent them all out so i could please the guy who had wanted me from start and had sex with him and my god how we both moaned and he screamed when we came!!!
I'm surprised no one else heard!!!

Totally enjoyable stuff!!! but it was just our lil secret and we all found it really hard to keep quiet so im telling you lot as you dont know me!!! hee hee =-)

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exelant story.. you have great memories forever of it<br />
<br />
add me to friends please

good times, sweet memories

You go girl! Having two (or more!) at once is SO HOT!!