A Girlfriend On the Phone With Her Mother

I really enjoyed this experience. There was something about it that I just found really exciting. I think it has something to do with having sex with someone in a place where you might be caught. This is also the girlfriend that I had who had a sex drive about the same level as I did. She was 18 and I was around 30.

It was late in the morning. I'd spent the night at her apartment, and we'd been up fairly late, so we were still in bed when the phone rang. When she answered it and realized that it was her mother, she just made the "shhh" hand gesture to me to ask me to be quiet while she talked to her mother.

Since neither of us had gotten out of bed, we were both still naked when I got up to go make coffee. When I came back with the coffee, she was sitting on the bed without anything covering her and I could see her ***** very clearly. I found out later that she wanted to see what I would do, so she was tempting me just to see if I would do anything.

I promptly sat my coffee down, and hers near her. Then I laid next to her and started gently rubbing her lips, just to see what sort of reaction I would get. I still don't recall what they were talking about while I started this, but she gave me a small glare and silently shushed me again. A few moments later, I had managed to get my face between her thighs and started licking and sucking as quietly as could. Even though she'd given me the glare, I realized that she was being more playful than anything, because while the conversation continued, she kept running her free hand through my hair.

Because of the *****-eating she was experiencing, her sitting position had slouched some. So, when I stopped, I realized that she was in a great position for *******. Sliding into her, she smiled at me and continued talking to her mother. When her breathing became more labored, I heard her say, "Hmm? Oh.. I'm on the treadmill in the complex's gym." It took all I could, not to begin laughing.

When I finally came, she had both legs wrapped around me, her one free hand around my torso, digging her nails in, biting her lip not to cry out, and a death grip on the phone.
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great story, very naughty hey lol.....just shows us men how multi talented women really are hey lol:)

They were lucky no video phones were used - lol!

They were lucky no video phones were used - lol!

Great story that reminds me of eating my then g/friends ***** as she had conversation with her mother through partition in next room.Oh for my youth!!!!

that's great - love it...