My High School Teacher

I had sex with my high school typing teacher, but not during high school. It was 4 years later. When I was a senior, you only needed 21 credits to graduate. My senior year I already had 19, so I only need 2. I took the required English class but the others were just sluff off classes. One of which was typing. I think the only reason I took the class was because of the teacher. I had a thing for her. Even my junior year I had the hots for her. I remember walking past her classroom intentionally just to see her. We made eye contact regularly. I always felt she had something for me too. In the typing class, I always felt like she would get close to me if she was helping me with the type writer. Sometimes, if no one could hear, I would flirt with her. She always responded in a way that didn't tell me to stop that, but she never got into it, so to speak. She would give me a look that said, I like it, but we both know we can't act on it...that type of thing. That went on all year. If I were walking past her class, we would always make eye contact. I would wave and she would wave back. Sometimes I would wink, and she would just smile.

Four years later I was at a bar with some friends. Guess who I ran into? When I seen her my heart about jumped out of my chest. I went directly over to her and said hi. She was glad to see me. We talked for an hour. She was there with a female friend and I could tell that her friend was getting pissed because we were talking and she was not part of the conversation. Her friend finally told her that she was ready to go somewhere else. So she went to the restroom and on her way out she stopped by where I was and told her friend that she would meet her outside and her friend kept walking. She put this small piece of paper in my hand that she had written her phone number on, while she was in the bathroom I believe, and said give me a call later okay? I said what do you mean by later? Later tonight or tomorrow or what? She looked at her watch and said, how about 11:00? My heart jumped out of my chest again. I told her I would call her at 11:00. She smiled and said okay, you better call. 

I went home and got there about 10:45. I kept looking at the clock and it seemed that the 15 minutes took 2 hours to pass. At 11:00 I called and she answered. She told me that she was glad I called. We talked for about 20 minutes and then I asked her why she wanted me to call. She said she just wanted to get caught up with me on everything I had been doing since high school. I said are you sure that's the only reason. She hesitated and said no. I laughed and said there is a god and he loves me. She laughed real hard. I asked for her address, she gave it to me and told me to come over right now. I went over and the rest is history. That was probably one of the greatest sexual experiences I had while I was single. We got together several times after that too.

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what happen after that


der is a good begining.... Bt climaax....?

Nice story!!!!

I've read this somewhere else

Its cool and nice,but am still waiting 4 mine.

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thats was nice

please update it!!!!

i would love to hear an update your so lucky man...I had a terrible crush on a teacher in highschool it was my dream to do her...I ran into a classmate when I was 21 and he told me he had ran into her at a bar and they had gotten drunk at a bar downtown and ended up ******* at her hotel(she was back in town for some legal paperwork or something i think she had got divorced) I was sooo jealous

Okay, when I get some time soon, I'll updat the story.<br />
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You are the second one that brought that up. lol

wife lover can u do a favour

i dnt like my teachers but the chiks in my class are good

dat was nice 1..