With My Nurse

I had sex with my Nurse

I was in a car accident a few years back

i was in hospital for 6 weeks

during that time i was flirting with 1 of the nurses

she was flirting with me as well

i asked her if when i was out of hospital we could meet

at first she said No any way i keep asking her.

On the day i was released from Hospital she left me note with he number on it

so i rang her the same night and we spoke for a while on the phone

and we meet up 1 week later doing wihich time we spoke on the phone every night

We meet at a Resturant  and had dinner then i asked if she needed a lift home she said yes .

so we got into my car and we started to kiss each other and she told em where she lived so i logged her addy into my GPS and started to drive .

She asked me if i like to have my **** sucked i said who doesnt

so she reached over and undid my pants and i lifted my body a little so she could pull them down then she held my hard **** and started to stroke it up and down she soon had me in her warm mouth sucking me well i tell you i had to pull over cause i shot the biggest load of *** i ever shot deep into her mouth she just let me finish ******* and licked every last drop of my *** up.

She said ok when we get to my place i want you to eat  my ***** and then when i done that i could **** her in any hole i liked.

We got to her house and rushed straight to the kitchen table pulled her panites down and i seen her bald ***** for the first time and it was dripping wet so i sat her on the table sat on chair she place her legs over my shoulders and i tasted the wettest ***** i ever eaten soon she was ******* and holding my face into her ***** i thought i was going to drown she came that much.

I by this time had my pants off and wanted to stick my **** into her ***** but she said wait and turned over and showed me her perfect arse and siad **** my arse first .

I said i dont havw any lube she said stick it in my ***** then put it in my arse so i did it was so wet in her ***** but i wanted her arse so i pulled out slowly and put my **** next to her arse hole and she reached back held my **** and pushed back as she slid it into her tight arse i almost *** again but held off she was moving her arse in and out on my **** i said i dont think i can hold off ******* she said wait please so i held off a little longer she then said take it out so i did she tuned around and went down on me again and let me explode into her mouth again it was my first ever arse to mouth

we continued to have sex all night long .

I woke with her sucking on my **** and it was on again




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3 Responses Dec 30, 2008

I don't believe this.

sounds like a nurse I dated once, must be the training. :-)

you are my hero