(not My Girlfriend) In My Girlfriend's Own Bed

Here's the scenario. We were going together about nine months. I was 21 and she was 22. She was brilliant (Chemical Engineering student) but rather frigid sexually. She went to work in Saudi Arabia with both her parents to make $ for school. Her family had a second home in Vermont (where I met her) and while they were out, they asked me if I would house sit for a while before I was headed up to the Yukon to work. Who wouldn't? Beautiful house, out in the woods. and the stream in back had a nice natural pool for swimmin'. Best of all, she had made a bedroom out of a small screened in porch in the back. It was our favorite place to hang out. Just sit on the bed and listen to the crickets in the cool of the evening. Before she left, we knew we were going to be apart for a long time, and we agreed that if we ended up having sex with someone else, at least let's be honest about it. Hiding it serves no purpose.
The house was situated near one of the crazy Vermont ski towns, and she had lots of friends there. Her brother was 19 and wanted to live in the college town about 50km away where he was a massage thereapist and weed dealer. She had a handful of close girlfriends in the ski town and they were all in the same massage school where her brother went. We were all good friends. They were always coming by the house when we were there and we'd all hang out. The stream out back was a great skinnydipping spot and all of us hung out there once it got warm. Once I was living there alone it became THE place to chill out On warm days it was idyllic. Her brother would supply the weed, and there were plenty of massages to go around after skinny dipping. You can probably guess where this is leading. Add together weed, getting naked and massages and something's going to happen. And so it did. It's pretty easy to get turned on by a massage when you're stoned, and things suddenly got
spontaneous and......whoops! there we were on her bed. I always told her that if I did, I wouldn't hide it from her. But this was someone very close to her. We both knew we could NEVER tell her.  And the reason was it was with her brother. And to be honest, I never thought of myself as gay or bi, but we both had gone so long without that it was great! It only went on for about two weeks before I went off to the Yukon, but
those two weeks were pretty, um....active. Probably the most bizarre thing about it was when her friends were there. I was actually sneaking off from a bunch of naked women to have sex with a guy. And both I and her brother realized the irony that we were having sex in her bed....not that it stopped us.
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No. Never did. Me and his sister Mary<br />
actually visited him out in Vancouver BC and we never spoke about it.