My Hot Neighbor

Having written in other groups I thought I would put this story here.This takes place over 25 years ago and was before I met my wife. I was living in an apartment building on the second floor and every day as I went in and out would see a woman who lived downstairs.We would nod and say hello but that was about it. One day I was home enjoying a day off when a knock came on the door.Opening it I saw my neighbor there. She said can you help me I can't get the box that was delivered picked up and into my apartment.Going downstairs I saw this huge carton sitting by her door.I said open the door and I'll try to push it in. Well it turned out it really wasn't that heavy and I easily got it inside. I asked her what was in the box and she said just some things her mother had sent her. I said well I hope you're okay now and went to leave.She said wouldn't you like some lunch? Okay,what's cooking. Hold on a minute she said I'll be right back. She went into the kitchen which was out of my sight and came back a minute later stark naked.Rubbing her ***** she said here's your lunch big boy.Well **** I had an instant ***** and I said I've got something for you too. We headed for the bedroom her in front of me. Let me tell you here about her. She was a plump,large woman with big **** and a big round ***. She had a pretty face and smooth skin but obviously did'nt think she was very desirable. We got into bed and I went right for her ***** licking and sucking.I thought I was going to drown as her hole was sopping wet. I got her off twice and rolled over with my **** sticking up. She hesitated and I wondered what was wrong. I've never sucked a **** before she said. In fact I've only ****** one guy ever. Well baby her's your chance I said.She put her head down and put it in her mouth. After a minute she finally got a rhythum going and it began to feel good. I was pumping and she got all of it into her mouth and was really sucking away. I told her I was ready to shoot off but she would'nt quit.When I let loose she was a pro about it she gulped and swallowed it all. Holy **** I said for never having done that before you were great. We ****** and sucked all afternoon.For several months we would get together for sex and I introduced her to many things. She went wild the first time I ****** her in the *** and would beg for me to **** her there.When she moved away I was sorry to see her go it was an experience to have known her.   
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5 Responses Sep 1, 2006

was bored so I ck out this story, very strange indeed but I hope your wife knows about this, this way she won't get shocked if she ever found out

Hmmm interesting story.

Lucky devil LOL

i wish i am in her place. i love to be experience many things in sex.

She reminds me of my wifes "friend" I used to **** but, thats another story!