A Very Old Story.......

Long time ago, when I was 13...... I was starting to discover what sex was. At a certain moment in time I was sleeping at a girlfriends place. It was weekend and we were at her fathers place (they were divorced). We had been shopping in the city with her father, trying all kind of closes and he even bought some for us. We had been talking about boys all day.... (nice for her father...) In the evening, after dinner, her father went out running so we had the house to ourselves for at least 1,5 hours. We went to her room and got into our pyjamas and sat on her bed watching a nice movie with a hunk we liked…. It took only half an hour before my friend fell asleep…. When the movie was finished I went to the bathroom to pee before I went to sleep also, entering the bathroom I saw her father (about 35 years old) standing there with only a towel wrapped around his waist… I started to blush and stutter….. I don’t remember precisely what he said… but they were the most standard pickup lines… like “do you like what you see”, “If you want to feel my six-pack” etc…. and inexperienced as I was I completely fell for him….. He locked the bathroom door, started to kiss me, turned on the shower and took me with him in the shower….. We had sex in the shower and continued in his bed…. He woke me up early so that I could move to my ‘own’ bed. My friend never noticed…..
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u had a nice experience... :)

yes it was me

No, but it was in my first year...

What do you mean?