the Motel Manager

Since my name here is the traveler you may have guessed I do move around quite a bit.I was in Nebraska headed west and looking to stop for the night.I saw a sign for a motel that also advertised a bar and restaurant.I got off the exit and pulled onto the lot. Went to the desk and registered. A nice lady about 60 checked me in.I dropped my bag in my room and headed for the bar. The door was locked **** I thought so I went back to the desk to ask about the bar and the lady said they would open in thirty minutes.She looked a little flushed while I was talking to her and she seemed slightly short of breath. I asked her if she was okay and she blushed and dropped her gaze.Maa'm are you alright?I sure didn't want falling over while I was there. She said come around here. I went behind the desk and followed her to a room behind the office.There was a movie playing on the TV and when I glanced at it it was a hot scene with a guy eating a woma's *****.When I looked back at the office lady she was on a couch staring at the screen and working a ***** into her ****.You need help with that maa'm?**** yes why do you think I brought you here.I dropped my pants and she grabbed my **** shoving in her mouth.She sucked like a mad woman.Whoa baby let's take our time. I pulled her dress over her head and laid her back rubbing her ***** she was moaning for me to **** her.Teasing her a little I put the head of my **** on her hole and rubbed it up and down.She was moaning and begging me to **** her now. Sliding in I thought this old gal has a nice ****. I began pumping and she rode me hard shaking her hips and bucking like a bronco.She moaned out her pleasure and I felt her juice flood her hole I kept up my pace and grabbed her *** pulling in deep. As my ***** rose in my **** she sensed my coming shot. Let me have in my mouth. I pulled from her hole with a sloppy wet splosh and she sat up grabbing my **** She stuffed it in her mouth and sucked hard. My **** came blasting out. She kept it in her sucking mouth milking it all and swallowing loudly.Done she lay back panting.I sat down and began to dress she said I was the first one to ever know she did that but since her husband had died several months before she needed sex.I said hell you run a motel you must get plenty of chances.Well I tried going in the bar and once had a guy all set to **** when his old lady showed up.So I set this room up back here and **** my *****.Thank you so much she said I really needed that ****.The next morning I was on my way to the car and ready for a days ride she came out and kissed me goodbye and asked me to come back.I haven't been back that way since but think about making the trip. 
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Sounds a little better than the average charity ****. ;-)

Good man ... helping out lonely women! <br />
<br />

Just one of the perks? Lucky