My Neighbors Mom

In the early 80's I was living in northern Florida in a condo funished by the company I worked for.Some of the other people from the job site we were on lived in the complex and we were a family so to speak.I was single at the time but worked so much I didn't have much time to fool around.One Sunday when we actually had the whole day off I was sitting outside on the balcony when I heard a woman say hello.I looked up and saw a lady of about 50 or so standing on the balcony next door.Hi she said I'm Doug's mom and I came to visit for a while.I told her who I was and we talked for a few minutes.When I went back inside I thought damn Doug your mom is hot. She was close to 6 feet tall and as long legged a woman as I'd ever seen,nice round **** and medium length dark blonde hair.She was just slighty plump and had a sexy air about her.I wanted to jerk off right there thinking about ******* her.About two hours later I was on my way out to get some groceries when she came out her door.Where you off to she said.I need some stuff at the store.Can I come along she said. So off we went.After going through the store we were riding home and had to stop because of an accident ahead of us.We sat talking about the job and how we traveled a lot and was it lonely.....I said the pay was good but moving all the time was hard.She said but are you lonely? Laughing I said not lonely horny.HHHMMM maybe I can help with that she said.About then they waved us through on the road and I thought **** I was getting somewhere.We got back home and she took her groceries to her place and I mine. I was putting stuff away when the bell rang.I opened the door and she stood with a carton of ice cream in her hand.She said this melted on the ride back can I show you what I can do with it now.I thought what the hell is she talking about.  I let her in we closed the door and she set the ice cream on the coffee table,sitting on the couch she said ready  ? Okay.Openining the ice cream she scooped some out with her hand,taking her other hand she pulled my shorts off and smeared the ice cream on my ****.She began then to lick it off looking up at me with a grin.OH **** it was hot and cold at the same time,my **** didn,t know what to do.She cleaned me off pretty well and we headed for the bedroom.She said honey I came here to Florida because my old man hasn't ****** me for 3 months and I decided I was going to **** the first guy I met and you were it.We were in bed naked and kissing,she had a sweet mouth and soft skin.I began rubbing her ***** and she moaned into my mouth.Hearing that she hadn't been ****** for a while I figured to pay plenty of attention to her. I licked and sucked her nipples and moved to her belly she sucked in her breath as I started for her *****. I parted the folds of her love hole with my fingers and began to eat her.  She made soft little sounds at first but as I continued my **** lapping she became louder and began to twist and turn.She brought those long legs up and pushed my face deeper into her hole.With an UUUUUUUUUUUHHH she came crushing me with her legs.When she relaxed and I got free she pulled me to her kissing me and purring like a cat. Oh baby that was sooooo gggoooooood she said. What can I do for you lover?A blow job?Anything you want baby.She was sucking my ***** and staring at me as she slurped along.She stopped and said is it good baby? MMMhhhmmm. She started back down but I stopped her and said no sugar let's ****. Irolled her over and mounted her.Her ***** was like hot velvet and it gripped my **** like a glove.I began to stroke in and out and she wrapped those glorious legs around me forcing me to stay in deep. I popped my nuts in that slick cavern as she was letting loose her girl goo.AAAAHHH we both sighed with content.We spent the rest of the day exploring each other.She sucked me off and I ****** her tight *******. I licked and sucked her toes for her and all the way up those hot legs to her *******.She stayed for 2 weeks but we only got together twice more.  
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so hot add me please

Gabriel: That gave me a real hard on

Wow, very hot story, I don't suppose you got any photos of this hot MILF!! You were i the right spot and the right time.

lucky u to have some reliief at 80