a 72 Year Old Woman

I had graduated from high school and was on a summer long trip with the baseball team I played with.I missed my buddies mom who had been ******* regularly and keeping satisfied.Well at least as much as a 17 year **** could be.Our team was in Omaha for a tournament and across the street from the motel we were staying in was a small diner.I went there early one morning to get a bite to eat and the waitress was this nice old lady.She got to talking to me and asked about playing ball and I was too naive at the time to realize her innuendo.I was eating and she came up to me and asked if I wanted anything else.She leaned on the counter and "accidently" knocked over my water glass dumping water on me.Oh honey come on back here and let me clean you up.I went to the back of the restaurant with her.She had me go into a little room back there and she came in and closed the door.She got a towel and began drying me rubbing at my crotch my **** began to swell.What do we have here.She unzipped my jeans and pulled my bone out.Dropping to her knees she began blowing me.She stopped and looked up at me and said you just feed Grandma here breakfast honey don't hold back.she sucked and pumped my **** in and out of her mouth. It di not take long for my ***** to be ready.She knew I was coming and took my **** deep in her throat.I let loose with a sigh. She swallowed mmmmmming and smacking her lips. Oh how I needed that she said. I've been a widow now for 2 years she told me and I was used to getting some everyday before my husband died.I've sucked off half the guys that have come in here since even ate a couple of the gals ******* for them.You be sure and come back for lunch I got to get back to work.     
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I 2nd that

Sounds like a fake story to me.

Did she have her teeth in?

thats awsome.but that was my grandma dude.lol