Two Bi Women

In earlier stories I told you my wife and I were swingers I also told you that she refused to have sex with another woman.She was well aware of my fantasy of watching two women as well as getting it on with them. I would much preferred to see my wife with a woman between her thighs lapping at her ***** but this was going to have to do.In our contacts with other people in the swing scene we knew Bi women. My wife contacted several and found two who were into making my dream a reality.One was a woman of about 50 with a figure of a woman half her age.I knew her slightly as she lived close by.I thought she was hot and had always wanted to **** her.The other woman was a small Oriental lady I had never seen before.With the many sex partners I had had I had never had an Oriental lady.The women came to our hotel Saturday evening.We made introductions around and got comfortable.The small lady was from Thailand and said her name was Memi.Our other new friend we knew as Kate.Kate was ogling Memi obviously hungry to taste her.Memi seemed shy and did not look like the swinger type(boy was I to learn how wrong I was).Kate said I'm ready when you all are.She began by kissing Memi and leading her to the bed.My wife and I stayed on the couch her kissing me and saying have a good time honey.Kate had Memi's blouse off and was kissing her tiny boobs.Her hand was in Memi's pants rubbing her *****.She worked her pants off and pulled her panties down.Memi sat on the bed her coal black pubic showing.Kate stood and unzipped her jeans her eyes never leaving Memi's body.When she was naked she got on the bed and pulled the girl to her.She kissed and caressed her moving downward toward her *****.With a moan of pleasure she began eating her ****.Memi arched her back and began bucking her hips.She howled and moaned thrashing around while Kate kept her tongue lapping away.When Kate finally came up for air Memi moved like lightning and was on top of her kissing her way down Kate's lovely body.As Memi stuck her *** in the air to go down on Kate I saw what a hot looking **** she had beautiful black hair around it,all hot and slick with girl goo and the hottest and smallest ******* I'd ever seen.The muffled sounds she made as she ate Kate's ***** were like nothing I'd ever heard.Kate herself was holding Memi's head and purring with pleasure.As Kate was ******* I heard Memi cooing like a bird and lapping maddly trying to get every drop.They were laying together caressing each other when Kate looked up and said hey bring that **** over here we ain't afraid of them.I got in bed with them.Both stroking me and kissing.Kate took me in her mouth and Memi fingered my ***.Kate took my **** in her hand and offered it to Memi,She bent and began sucking me.Her mouth seemed to be hot and and very much to small but she made her way all the way down.It was a beautiful sight watching that small woman suck me.Kate was kissing and said **** her first babe.Oh god yes I had to have Memi.Kate moved her to her back and kissed her I mounted Memi and stuck my **** at the opening of her *****,I could not believe I slipped right in.She was tight but like her mouth she seemed to accomodate me with ease.Pumping in her hole Kate was kissing her and she was moaning into Kate's mouth.  I did not want to *** yet so I pulled out and went down to taste Memi's love juice.It was sweet and flowing like a spring.Remembering the sight of her tight ******* I rolled her over and began lapping it.She moved to her knees and was pushing her little *** back into my tongue.**** me there she wailed please **** me there.I could have shot my wad just thinking of ******* that little *******.Kate took over eating Memi's *** while I lubed my ****.Her hole had seemed to open like a flower.I reached to lube her but she said no **** me now you will enter fine.I stuck me **** at the entrance and pushed slightly,it went right in with no resistance.I could not believe it,I would have bet you could not have gotten a finger in there much less my ****. Oh god I had found heaven the length of me was wrapped in a silk cocoon.Memi went wild she trembled and wailed moan and screamed to **** her more.She stuck her face in Kate's ***** and sucked her **** so loudly I thought everyone in the hotel heard .I pounded in to her sure she would come apart.My **** could not hold out I roared like a lion and spunked her hole,I think I dissolved some of my bone marrow.My *** was streaming out of her *******.Her *** I then noticed had soaked her thighs  and was dripping down her leg.Kate moved around and was busy trying to lick all of the *** off of her mine and Memi's. Well spent most of the night doing each other in every way but as hot as it was nothing could ever compare to ******* Memi's ***.
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Wow. Sounds like one great ***.. ;-)

Why you didn't involve your wife ?

Wow that was hot, but what was your wife doing during all of this, did she stay in the room or leave?