the Girl Next Door

I was 18 years old and was living with my parents.This particular summer I was working as a laborer in the plant my father worked.My plan was to save up some money and go to a tech school in the fall.I came home from a graveyard shift and it was already over 80 degrees that morning,my Mom and Dad were both at work and I was alone.I sat in the kitchen having a bite to eat when I saw the neighbors daughter go out into her backyard.Val was 2 years older than me and had gone to a different school so we never had much contact.She was a little on the chunky side but had nice blonde hair and heavy ****.As I was eating I saw her set -up a ladder and was picking some apples from their tree.The ladder tilted and she was holding on for dear life to keep from falling.I ran out to help her.Getting her down she had her arm around me and her boob was in my face.Oh thank you,I was scared.You okay? yes I'm fine now.As I let go of her, her hand seemed to want to stay in touch.Well be careful I told her and began to walk off.God she said won't you ever look at me?I've tried to get you to notice me but you don't even look my way she wailed.Val I hardly ever see you I said.That's because you are always going here and there and I'm stuck here she said.Nobody's around now but you and me,take me inside and **** me NOW PLEASE.We went in my house before we got to my room she was half naked and panting.She pulled my pants down and was playing with my by now hard ****.Her DD **** were heaving and the nipples hard.I got her on the bed and started sucking her **** oh they were marvelous.Her ***** was soaking wet and 3 of my fingers went right in.She humped my hand and wiggled around moaning.She bent her head to suck my ****.Not really knowing what she was doing she lapped and licked and sucked on the head.I moved her back and climbed on top of her,she spread her heavy thighs and I was in her.She ****** like a mad woman bucking her hips,circling my *** with her legs,pounding my back with her feet,driving me into her.I started to pull out to shoot but she said not to worry she was safe.I pulled out any way and came on her ****.I fingered some ***** into her mouth and she greedily ate it.We lay back for a while and fondled each other.Baby she purred in my ear I got to have some more.Not today I got to get some sleep while noone's home.She kissed my **** goodbye but only for the day as we had many more hot ***** that summer.   
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51-55, M
Sep 19, 2006