the Girl Next Door II

I had been ******* the girl next door all summer.Though she was 2 years older I had had more experience.She had become a decent **** sucker and was willing to try most anything.This night I decided it was time for a butt ****.Val had a nice heavy *** and while not beautiful her thighs and *** were smooth and ripe to touch.When the coast was clear she and I headed for bed.We were in a 69 and I began to play with her *******.Uh baby I've never done that she said.Well we're gonna try it tonight.I got the vaseline and went to work on her.I slicked up my bone and stuck it at the outside of her hole.I began working it in she pushed back and I was in.Oh God was it hot and tight a real cherry *******.I began to **** her rubbing her ****.As she relaxed and began pushing back she moaned out OOOOOHHHHH that feels good.Her juices had slicked up my hand and I worked on her **** and she came.Her ******* tightened it's grip on me and I shot my load deep in her bowels.As my **** slipped from her backdoor she turned and kissed me saying you got to promise to do that again baby. 
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51-55, M
Sep 19, 2006