the Girl Next Door III

The summer was coming to an end.The girl next door and I and had been ******* ourselves silly the whole time and now it was time to move on.My plan had been to go to a tech school that fall but an opportunity had come up I wanted to try.I would be leaving in three days for Washington and my first traveling job.I was worried Val would be upset as I suspected she had fallen in love with me.We were **** buddies as far as I was concerned and I was anxious to get to my new job.My parents were gone for a Labor day weekend and Val was at my door as soon as their car turned the corner.She had her clothes off in 10 seconds come on baby do it all to me.I want it in all my holes.We were in a 69 and I was fingering her ***.She had really gone for butt ******* she absolutely loved it.With my pride sticking straight out I moved and straddled her chest.My **** was wet from her sucking me and I pumped my **** between those hot **** of hers.She would lick my **** head as I humped away.My nuts were full and I was ready to pop my load.I stopped humping and jacked my ***** on her face and mouth.Moving up further she sucked my bone clean.We lay for a while stroking each other.Her ***** was soaking wet and I worked 3 fingers in and she rode them.My **** was growing again and she got on top of me facing away and sank on to my *****.I put 2 fingers in her ******* and she slid up and down my pole.Her hand was on her **** and she made animal noise as we ******.I felt her ***** grip my **** as her juices flowed.She came twice and I was ready again.I flooded her **** hole with my juice as we both moaned out our pleasure.About an hour later my **** had regained some strength and she said one more hole to fill baby.She told me to grease up I want that deep in my ******* I just adore it there.We slicked up my **** and I shoved it in her ***.OOOOOh AAAAAAhh she moaned I was driving it home and fingering her *****.It took me a while but my balls began to boil.Here it comes baby.With an AAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH I shot my wad.She wailed and her ******* gripped me tight milking me dry.Exhausted we came apart and lay side by side.She cried a little about my leaving and swore she would always love me.I headed out 3 days later and the next time I saw Val she was married to some other guy.

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51-55, M
Sep 20, 2006