the Casino Cashier

Being here in Nevada I spend some of my free time in casinos.Over the past months I had gotten to know a lady who worked as a cashier in the casino I frequented most.We teased about things and she made some provocative comments a few times.I passed it off knowing she was married.Two weeks ago I was in the casino on Saturday and went to her window to get some change.We teased a little and again she made a bold remark.This time I told her you better watch what you say or I'm liable to take you up on that.When?was all she said.As soon as your shift is over.Nope she said,noon.I collected her at noon and we drove to my motel.God she said I didn't think you would ever **** me.What do I have to do put on a sign?We got in and got naked.She was about 45 or so and had a nice body.She told me her husband hadn't ****** her in two months and she wanted the full treatment.We kissed and caressed each other and I went to work.I sucked and licked  her toes.I kissed my way up her legs to her *****.She had a nice hairy **** and I could see it was wet.I kissed,licked,sucked and fingered her love hole until I was rewarded with some hot girl goo.She reached for me but I moved back and rolled her over.I started to lick her *******.OO oo OO she said noone ever did that before.I fingered her **** and ate her *** till she came again.Now she reached for me and began licking my ****.She sucked it into her mouth and began a hot spitty blow job.Whoa baby don't make me come,I'm gonna blow this wad in your *****.I mounted her and she made little uh oh sounds as we ******.I was trying to go slow and get her off again,but her ***** had me in a tight grip.Her hole was making squishing sounds and the smell in the room was pure *****.I pushed as deep as I could and gushed my love stuff into her hot hairy hole.When I pulled out it was leaking from her and globs were sticking in her bush.Without even going to the bathroom to wipe off she dressed.Baby aren't you going to clean up?No way I'm wearing this all day and hope people,my husband included smell it.I hope to nail her again soon. 
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51-55, M
Sep 20, 2006