a Hot Mouth

I stopped at the casino last night for a beer after work.One of the ladies who works there saw me and said hello.She asked if she could talk to me outside.Puzzled I went out with her.She looked right in my eyes and said I hear you ****** Shannon(the casino cashier),uh well,er,yeah.Your car here?she asked.Yeah over there.We got in my car,she said I've only got 10 minutes pull your **** out I'm going to blow you.**** I couldn't believe it.I'd gone months here without any action and now I'm getting blown in my car.She leaned over the console and took my **** in her mouth.OOOO she had such a soft set of lips.She sucked me fast bobbing up and down with rapid strokes.I put my hand on the back of her head to let her know I was ready.She made a little sound telling me to shoot.I let my ***** go.She kept right on working me swallowing as she sucked.Finished she sat up.Now she said am I on your list.Shannon ain't getting it all.She told me her husband had left her a month before and was ******* some 25 year old ***** and she was going to get her share too.An evil plot began to form in my mind.I was hoping I could get both of them to my room at the same time and you can figure the rest from there.I'll be working on it.
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1 Response Sep 22, 2006

i would be interested to hear how that turns out...