a Legal Prostitute

Here in Nevada there are places brothels are legal.Until recently i had been in a terrible ***** slump.On my recent trip to Reno I had passed a brothel close to the interstate east of town.After leaving a ***** club where a beautiful black dancer had caused me to seek relief I headed for the brothel.I was buzzed on to the grounds and went inside.It is a very nice place.You enter the bar area where there are a few ladies and some customers having a drink or watching TV.I asked the bartender for a line-up,and he buzzed and ushered me through a door and into a beautiful large room.About a dozen ladies came out and stood in front of me.Each took a step forward and introduced themselves.The 6th lady in line had already caught my eye and when the introductions were finished the supervisor asked if I would like to make a choice.Darlene I said.Very well sir I will leave you to your lady.Every one else left the room.Darlene was a blonde with a pretty face and nice legs.She sat down next to me and we talked alittle.She took me on a tour of the place and it is something,anything you could think of hot tubs ,swimming pool,a dungeon,an **** room,pool tables,it's a big place.We went to a small room to negotiate and agreed on her services and price.She washed my **** and we went to her room.A little foreplay and she slipped a condom on me and sucked my ****.Oh she was good.She took her time and when I was ready lay on her back and I entered her.For a woman who had had sex with possibly thousands of men she was tight enough and not just a sloppy hole to put it in.She fingered my ******* and kissed my neck as I ****** her.When I came she let me go soft in her before she moved to get up.She cleaned me up and threw the condom in the trash and washed herself.She came and sat next to me and we talked some more,she didn't seem to be in a hurry and even went back out to the bar with me.We sat there and had a drink and talked some more.She was an interesting person and told me a little about her life and what she did when not working at the brothel.It was a fun experience.Much better than some of the other houses in the small towns.   
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I might have to reconsider...