the Neighbors Mom II

I told you about being in Florida and a Sunday **** I had with my neighbor's mom.This is a second encounter I had with her.She called  my office at the job site and asked when I would be home that day.I told her I wasn't sure we might be pretty late as we were sorting out a large delivery and staging it for the next day's work.She asked if her son Doug was there and I said yes.She said you're his boss aren't you.Yes. Well tell him and whoever else is there to do and come **** me.Well talk about an offer you can't refuse,I left at 5 and told the guys I had to see about some things and would see them in the morning.I got home and rang her bell,she came to the door in her lingerie.Hey lover she said,pulling me in and shutting the door.I need some of that ***** lapping you do baby.We rolled on to the bed and I started at her toes and began working my way up.When I got to her ***** she let out a groan and spread wide.I sucked and licked her hole until she poured out her passion.I moved up next to her and she squeezed me tight purring her appreciation.She had my **** in her hand and was gently stroking it.Baby want some head?Yeah but I want to shoot my *** in your *** darlin'.HHHHMMMM.She licked and sucked my **** and my **** didn't want to leave that warm place.But I rolled her over and licked her *******.Got some lube baby?Vaseline in the bathroom.I slicked her butt and my **** and pushed my way in.She lay on her belly a pillow underneath. As I ****** her I got my hand on her ***** and fingered that hot hole.She came again and I was getting close to my shot.Wild animal noise came from me as I pumped my bone broth deep into her.She made these little uhuhuhuh sounds as she accepted my love potion.Pulling we cleaned up and lay back caressing each other.I better go I don't want to be here when Doug comes home I said.You cuuuummmmmm again lover.She called again the next day to say Doug knew she had been ******* somebody and was unhappy about but did not know who.We just laughed. 
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Sep 22, 2006