Four Anonymous Men.

It was a few years ago when this happened.  Let me start by saying that I am a bi cross dresser.  For years I have been playing around sexually with my friend.  One night he called me up and asked if i wanted to go to an adult spa.  I reluctantly agreed. We met at his house then drove over to the spa.  It was a little after midnight when we arrived.  He got a room, if you could even call it that, and I got changed.  I was looking really hot in a long skirt, a sexy blouse, stockings, and CFM heels.  The place was a real dive.  It was dark, dirty, and smelled like sex.  My friend walked me around and I noticed that there weren't any women, just creepy looking guys.  We found a really dark room and he decided that he wanted to have sex with me in there. I had told him about a fantasy of mine where he tied me up and had sex with me so he decided that he would make that happen that night.  He playfully laid me over the table in the middle of the room and tied my hands to the legs so I was stretched over it face down.  I was really excited that my fantasy was about to come true.  He tied my legs spread apart to the other two legs of the table.  He then produced a ball gag that he fastened in my mouth and around the back of my head.  I could hear him curse about forgetting the blindfold in the room.  He told me that he would be right back and he left me there.  I figured he would be gone about a minute seeing as our room was very close.  The time ticked on and I got worried when he didn't return.  I later found out that he fell asleep in the room due to some recreational products, that I didn't and still don't approve of, that he was taking all evening.  I realized that I would never be able to get untied by myself and that I would just have to wait until he got back.  I was actually a little turned on that I was there in the dark tied up.  After what seemed like half an hour I heard the door to the room open and I figured it was him.  I was completely wrong as it turned out to be one of the dirty creepy guys that were wandering around.  Well in a place like the one I was in, if you are offering then they will take.  I wasn't really offering to just anyone but it sure seemed like it to this guy.  He asked if he could have sex with me bare back and with no response from me, due to the gag ball, he figured that was a yes.  Well he had a great time having sex with me and all I could do was lay there and take it.  As he climaxed inside of me I actually started to get horney.  Without a word he pulled my panties back up and left.  I was completely shocked that he left me tied up but in a place like that it might just be normal.  Well he must have told one of the other guys because it wasn't more than a few minutes when another stranger came in and did the same thing to me. I guess word spreads fast because after the second guy left, two more came in.  The watched each other have sex with me and then left.  It was truly a strange thing as none of them really talked aside from the first guy who by the way came in for seconds.  Within a few hours I had sex with four random men and one of them twice.  By the time my friend woke up and came and got me I was a sticky mess but really turned on.  I count myself lucky that I didn't get a disease considering that the men hanging out in that place weren't the cleanest.  At first I was mad at my friend for putting me in that situation but after it was all over I really liked it.

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did you ever let him do that a gain,hope you finally got off the fact he just pulled them back up and left