My Ex-wife

I have been having the best sex I ever had with my Ex- Wife lately. I know, HuH!!!, but It's true. She was holding me at arms length for quite a while after we tried once about two years ago. We would sort of do the "everything but" thing, but it was driving her crazy so we would try again and within just a few minutes it was tears and pain. She thought it was flashbacks to our marriage when I was a real ***** and I would be forceful and hurt her. I know what your thinking "Why is she doing anything with him let alone attempting sex?", well to be honest I don't know either but why ask why? Anyhoo, about 4 months ago she discovered that she was allergic to latex and that was causing the pain so she got some non-latex condoms, brought them home,********,handed me the condoms and said "time to experiment". She was a little hesitant at first but we were in a comfortable position( Her bed is just the right height ) and the longer we "experimented" the better she felt so we had to "retry" the experiment several times to be sure. We don't have much sex these days, mainly because of my weight, but when we do it's all sweaty and fun like it's supposed to be.



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Sex is always dirty when it is done right