I Had Sex With Adult Men When I Was12

Beginning when I was a boy of 12(in the mid 70s) or so I began searching for adult me to have sex with. Though I was very attracted to a number of men I actually knew, all of my early sexual experiences were with men I didn't know. I lived in a small town that attracted a lot of tourists so there were often lots of people visiting who were not locals. Some of the places I went were the county courthouse where I saw plenty of action, mostly ******* off and giving/receiving ******** under the stalls. Also one of the local hotels that had two large public men's rooms. One time that I recall vividly was with a man who seemed like he never even considered doing it with another male, much less a 12 year old kid (no I didn't look any more than 12!). It was in the hotel restroom and I was standing next to him at the trough urinal and, not too overtly, I began to slowly ********** my ****. It was only about 4 inches...When I eventually got to see his **** to me it looked huge. He said he was married and he was staying at the hotel with his wife and kids. He felt me up and I went down on him.

I recall another hotel experience which happened in another town where my mother and I went for a church conference of some sort. Lots of other church people were there...ha! I cruised the men's room in the hotel lobby and got picked up by a middle aged man who took me to his room. We got completely undressed which was a first for me and although I don't recall all of the details I recall that he finger ****** me and I sucked on him until he blew his wad in my mouth. It was a powerful experience but I felt very strange about it for l long time.

Probably the most activity I saw in a short span of time was in the agriculture building at the Indiana State Fair. A family member would go each year to exhibit in a commercial and arts building. I was just old enough to go on my own. I discovered the cruisy john, an old fair building with long trough urinals (all the better to see many ***** at one time) and the stall walls were thin wood. In a row of maybe 8 stalls there were at least 4 glory holes...big ones. One was nearly big enough to put your head thru, I'm not kidding. I remember giving a lot of ******** to farmers, carnival workers and fair goers. I bet I sucked off 15 men in one day. In my later teens I would go to the State Fair for 4-H activities which meant spending nights in the dorms. You can guess where I spent all of my free time...yes, sucking adult men's *****.

I know that in theory I was being sexually abused when it was apparent to the men that I was underage. I do think that now, as an adult myself, it wasn't right for the adult men to do what they were doing with me even though I was there of my own free will. And I wouldn't do anything of that sort with an underaged boy. The fantasy though it very powerful.

I know I'm not the only boy who did this stuff. (I was also pretty active with boys my own age, and that was always with boys I knew, mostly church friends and some boys from school). I want to hear what other men got up to when they were underage.

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Hey, my experiences were so similar, except I was a big city boy. The amazing thing about it was the fact that almost everyone I had sex with between the ages of 12 and 16 or 17 was married. I didn't think about it too much at the time, and I certainly never felt taken advantage of because I really wanted to do it, but these married men were masculine and would sometimes love pointing out their wives and children to me. One man in particular used to suck my **** on the commuter train a couple of times a week when I was in high school, he was so horny and blatant about it, but when the train would stop at his stop, he'd look out the window and wave to his wife, 2 small children and dog and then get off the train and kiss them while subtly looking back up at me. He always swallowed my *** too so he was kissing his wife directly from my ****. I was slightly titillated at the time but I didn't really think deeply about the meaning of it all until I was an adult. I'm not sorry that I did any of the things I did; sex in restrooms, backseats of cars, in the bushes, in movie theaters during the afternoon after school, and I realize that according to the laws in this country the men were out of line. However, having said that, and acknowledging that I do the right thing now as an adult because I don't want to face the law, I don't actually have that much of a problem intellectually with what happened because I really wanted it. I can't speak for girls, but all guys know that when a boy hits puberty all bets are off. It is the most crazed intensely sexual time of your life. I'd give anything for 1 hour now of feeling what those boners and ******* felt like then. The aching pleasure of it all. The endless supply of ****. How huge and swollen my **** would get when it was totally engorged. Man, don't tell boys they can't have sex when they're young. It's the only time that it's ever like that from a purely physical perspective. The age of consent is lower in many other countries and should be lower here. I'm still crazed about sex and think about it all the time, but most of it is now in my big head not the smaller one, which isn't so small ;