I Had My First Unbelievable Sex With My Boyfriend

Hi.. Frndz m tammy.. i m going 2 tell u about my first sex..
we r in love since 4 months.. Coz m so sexy he cant control his feelings of sex with me.. but at that time i was just 15 yrs old.. My looks are so killing at d age of 15 also.. My figure is somethin 36 26 30.. One day he calls me at his friendz farmhouse he told me that there were a party i was so happy to meet him.. and d time was 10 PM.. it was sexy night of monsoon.. i was little bit shocked that there was no ome at farm.. when i reached there.. and enter in house.. there were 3 boyz including my bf.. i m arguing with him y u do so..?? y u lie..?? but he get me in 1 room n say i want to just talk woth u no wrong intensions.. i agreed..!! he took me in d bedroom n stuck me on d wall.. n start kissin slowly n slowly.. d way he kisses me i just loved it n forget all.. while kissing his hands on my bo**/bs n he just playing with it slowly n softly.. i was gettin warm.. den he told me fr sex i disagree.. but the way he lookin.. n my warmthness forced to do sex.. i agree...!! he den continue kissing.. aftr he romoves my t.shirt.. nd i have wearin sexy black braa.. he just press it on bra only.. aftr dat he took me on bed n i was sit in his lap toward his fave direction only.. n he kept hos hand under my skirt.. n his handz goinsmoothly on my upper part of legs n den he puts his finger in my ***** nd doin in out in out i was gettin.so much excoted that mee too also remain his cloth out.. n start lickin on his neck n shoulder.. n my whole mouth is rubbing on his neck.. he put my bra out.. n start pressing it hardly n take in his mouth.. n he discloth me.. i was tottally nude.. he lies on my body.. n pressing me all over ..n v met for sex.. he put his d***k in my ***** n have a amazing sex ever.. v had done for 6 times at dat night.. n aftr dat v ll met monthly two or three times for sex.. but had a great pleasure.. u must try it..
tammy17 tammy17
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Before having sex learn to spell and capitalize letters. At the beginning of a sentence and use periods at the end. Not to criticize but this is nonsense.

my boyfriend also having sex with me
m enjoying it badly when he came fast in my vagina..he pushed me horny..i love when i caught his penis

My god I can barely read this. Learn to write, please.