Sex In The Car

One of my friends brother had offered to take me around for the day while my car had broke down. I've never really got to know him before and it turns out he is a amazing person whose done some incredible and stupid things in his life.
He had said he liked to go on long drives before dinner. I had told him that i'd join him.
while in the car, we talked for a bit. Later he has asked me to get some cds that were in the back seat i said i would. I took my seat belt off and went to the back to grab the cds. u've got a nice *** u know.. i laughed and said thanks. As i went and sat back on the seat, i pulled my dress up exposing my bum and handed him the cd.

as he put it in and played some music he looked dwn at me i didnt realise at what at first then i looked and saw that my bum was completly on the seat and i had pulled my dress higher then i intended to. We drove for a little longer and i put my hand on his thigh and told him how wonderful he has been today and how i had to thank him for it.
he agreed and it become quiet. i pushed my hand further up untill i was near his balls. i could feel the heat comming off them, so i slowly moved my hand around them enough to tickle his balls i knew he felt it and he hesistated.
He drove a little further and then he stopped and the view was beautiful, we were near a lake, He had told me a few intresting things about the place and we just got chatting.
My hand was still on his leg, he kept looking at it from time to time..

I told him i found him attractive and thought he was cute, He didnt say anything he smiled and said yh i think your pretty cool too. A song on the radio had come on and he told me he loved the song and turned it up. I had told him i liked it too (Honestly i thought it ok, nothing great haha) and got up as much as i could and danced a little he laughed i told him hw difficult it is to dance in a car and sat on his lap.

I spread my legs out and put them at the side of his seat as i told him im gonna dance sitting down. He pushed his seat bak and told him it was impossible. I turned the music up and starting moving my bum on his penis, i went faster and harder and watched him groan. i stopped, he was speechless the music was still played and i grabbed his shoulders and shook my **** in his face. i stopped and said maybe ur right it is impossible. He told me to carry on and said i was doing a great job.
So i moved my body and shook my boobs on his face. he told me to go faster and how much he loved it.

He touched my bum and gave it a sqeeze. nice, i really like that sara he said as he continued playing with my bum. I smiled at him. And then i jumped up and down on his with my boobies shaking and touching him, They went everywhere. i screamed louder and louder as he groaned in pleasure.
He took a hold of my boobs and touched them like crazy lol He grabbed them and said ohhh i need these! and he kissed and gave them a sqeeze aggresively. AHHH i said, and he took my dress off and i sat there in my bra and panties he told me that i was beautiful and he took his phone out and asked if he could take some pictures i said yes and posed all sexy for him.
he put his hands on my boobs and took a few pic and then he took his trousers off and his ****. he placed his phone by the window and put it on record and as we has sex and went hardcore, it was all recorded.
i lay back on the passenger seat and put my legs towards him, he got up and put his lovely penis in me and we kissed and fuked.
AHHHHH i said as i grabbed on to him, i could feel his lovely warm *** in me!
OHHH baby ur great he told me several time. we both moaned and groaned it was amazing even thought we didnt have alot of space to move around.

We finished as he kissed me and sucked on my nipples like it was a lolly and then he sat bak breathless and smiled at me. i got up and got dressed as did he as we drove off, I watched the our sex video and we laughed about it on the way to his place. Before we went in to the house, He had asked to meet up again, i had gladly agreed but i didnt tell my friend what i had done with her brother.

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Great fun,Wish to join sometime.

Hmm. So there's a video of it then? :) Sounds like fun!

lol Yes there is :p Haha

One hell of a seductress!