I Use To Be Sexual Addict

i know they make it all out like only guys suffer from it but i know i had it.id try so hard to stay to myslef and leave guys alone to not date or get involved.id go to support groups and meetings and talk about it..but sex was a rush new hands new lips the anticipation the wonder of how they were in bed the exciting new passion.the letdowns the esteem being ruined the label of being easy and not being able to be faithful or stay in a relationship..the tears the pain of feeling less than that why do i wanna be in bed with all these different people it is a part of your soul u give when u give yourself to someone you never get it back...having my son changed me i have not been with anyone in 5 yrs and i know now my self worth and will admitt i use to have a problem
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2011

Just be honest with yourself you have not had a relationship for a while now your son that replaces your sexual desire for now . You will find out who you are when you start dateing again.<br />
Go slow, take care.

Good for you to come clean and getting your self esteem back.<br />
I hope you and your son are doing fine :)

I was the same way and it wound up ruining everything for me. I just had to learn to grow up. I still have to deal with it. It's a constant issue, but learning to stay out of situations that would lead you to harm and leaning how a true relationship is supposed to be built on helps. <br />
<br />
My therapist gave me some advice, and you can change the wording however you need to, but he said "Your ***** is the most precious gift you can give. Science buys it at over $175 an ounce. But you give it away for nothing and to everyone. Why? Instead of just handing it out to anyone that'll take it, why not make them work for it. The ones that stay around, are the ones that want you for more than what you shoot out of your ****. " Kinda harsh at times, but that rings true.