Lots of people have been asking how me and my brother got into a relationship. That happened when I was 12 but we had been doing stuff together for a few years before that. There is a year and a half age gap between my brother and I, when we first saw each other naked I was a little over 6 and he was a little over 7 and a half.

It was a hot summers day, so we had decided to fill up our paddling pool in the garden. We played in it all morning, had lunch and then played in it some more. Around 3pm we went back inside to get changed and our mum stayed out in the garden. We both headed upstairs and into our separate rooms. I was just about to take of my swimming costume when my brother came in. I've always been close with my brother so he started messing around and tickling me. Then he was like hey look at this at which point he pulled down his shorts and was now totally naked and dancing around my room. I'd never seen a penis before so I asked him what it was and mentioned I didn't have one. He told me what it was and asked me what I had instead. I replied, "If you want to see what I've got then you'll have to undress me." I took his hand and put it on the straps of my swimming costume and gestured for him to pull my costume off. He peeled it of my body very slowly thinking it was some kind of trick. We were now both standing completely naked in the middle of my room just looking at each other's body's.

My brother broke the silence by asking if he could touch my vagina. I said okay and lay down on the floor so he could have a proper fiddle with it. I still remember how good it felt to have him playing with me. Then he put a finger inside me which I was ready for so I sat up and slap his hand. He was so sweet, he said sorry and that he didn't mean to do it, he didn't realise there was a hole there.

We both suddenly burst out laughing as we noticed at the same time that his penis was now rock hard. Without asking I just grabbed it and started ******* him off, I had no idea what I was doing but I could see that he liked it so I carried on. Eventually I stopped we had a good giggle about it and then he left to go and get changed. We both laugh now that this how our path to a relationship started. You have to start somewhere I suppose...
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Loved the story!!! Please add me

So sweet :) I wish I had a bro :)

please add me i would like to hear more about you and your brother please and thank you

I posted this in a comment on another person's experience, but thought I'd re-post part of it here since it definitely fits...

I know a LOT of people won't understand this, but believe me when I say I do...I had an older brother (2 years), older sister (1 year), and a younger brother (3 years) growing up. We all played around when we had the inkling and opportunity. Playing "house", "camping", even "sleeping" in the back seat of the car during late night road trips. I can remember vividly a couple overnights at various people's homes when us kids would have to share a bed...We had MMF ********** and MMMF foursomes at times depending where we were and who was around. We never had penetrating sex, but lots of massaging and licking! We were all very close, and it din't matter who was playing with who; I often played with just my brothers! I would love to relive some of those experiences...
I often wonder if my son and daughter ever play around when mom and dad aren't home. It wouldn't bother me as long as they were playing safe. I think it's a great way to learn about sex in a safe, fun, no-pressure way. I think it's awesome how you and your brother are so open about sex, and just enjoy it for what it is. It's a great way to learn how to please a partner, without any pressure. I wish you both a ton of happiness and great times!

Thanks for sharing that. I think that siblings experimenting with each other is a lot more common that society is willing to admit...

Absolutely. And I find it hard to think it is wrong since it is so natural!

I know my dad had a couple affairs, but my mom was as straight as something REALLY straight! She lost it when she found out my sister wasn't a virgin, and again when she found out I wasn't. She would die if she discovered we were all playing with each other! Society is cruel that way - making all sorts of "rules" to live by that are so unnatural. I'm sure you all have a wonderful time. I can only imagine what it's like when you are all together.
Do your sister and brothers have the same type of family bonding as you do now in their families? It's certainly a different lifestyle. If I ever got divorced I would definitely be looking for a more open type lifestyle for my next relationship. I do love my wife and family though, so I accept it for what it allows me.

I can only imagine those family get-togethers... Sounds like an incredibly exciting time.

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What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

That was a great start

awwww... thanks girl... its all so warm n sweet n playful n innocent... and again, its all also very real and very hot...

you are so lucky to **** the earliest princess. ******* should start at home.

Aah such sweet innocence. My brother and I learned about our bodies togethor many years ago, I remember how great it felt. We still have a special bond.

thanks for sharing...please add me, would love to send u a message..

So cute. Would love to chat but I couldn't add you.

love young innocence...brings back some great memories!

Such as... :)

well...check out my stories...it tells of one experience. There are a couple other fun times I haven't wrote about yet. One does deal with my sisters and the other with a somewhat older neighbor girl!