A couple of days had passed since the first time my brother and I had played with each other. Once again we had been in the paddling pool again (like I said before, it was a hot summer and we were making the most of it). We started taking about the other day and about how fun it was. My brother asked if I had ever put anything in the hole (my vagina but he used to be so innocent haha). I said I hadn't because it had never occurred to me that I should. We came up with a game to see who could find the most things that would fit in me. We split up to search the house.

After about 20 minutes of searching we went in to my brother's room, I striped off all my clothes and lay on the floor just like last time. We each had 3 items: I had my toothbrush, a pen and one of those plastic pencil sharpeners that collects the shavings. He had one of his small metal planes, one of those hot wheels cars and one of his action men. I gave him my three items first and the all fitted in except the pencil sharpener, it's really not that big but I was only 6 and I was really tight. Then I told him to see which of his items fit in. He went with the action man first, he lifted up one of the arms so it was far from the body and then put it in my vagina. I like to joke that this was the first time I ever got fisted, by a plastic toy haha. Then he went for the toy car, I told him to build it up a bit more, not just stick it in. So he did, he took the car and 'drove' it down my chest (making the engine noise too haha he's always been so cute). Then when he got to my vagina he 'drove' over it several times which felt so good. I had no idea why but I didn't care I just enjoyed it but it didn't last long because he quickly put the car half inside and declared it fit and pulled it out again. Last was the metal plane which I remember was really cold. Anyway, it had a pointy end which my brother used to tickle me down there which was amazing. Eventually he put it inside me and that also fit. So my brother won this time but that was the first of many times we played this game.

A few items we still use to this day, like the metal plane. It's so funny to think how innocent we were back then.
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That was so sweet, and incredibly sexy too!

I had experiences with my sister growing up as well. add me so we can talk

Did he ever put his penis inside you?

Yes but that was a bit later


What FUN!

Sweet story

i never had sisters or cousins to explore with, and my clueless friends just complained about havin' to be nice when theirs were hangin' around or gettin' into stuff... but somehow i sensed an eager young girl had potential and i always wished i had one...

I would like it too... this is a great game ♡

Your lucky you let yourselves enjoy it

Another great memory from you...thanks for the story!

How very fun for you both. I am so envious. :)

Aren't we all