Ive been trying to post the next part of the story of how my brother and I began our relationship but apparently it's inappropriate and so it won't post. If you are interested it is the first time we did o*** but neither of us realised we'd done it. Message me if you're interested
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I'd love to read your story.

hi I love to know more about this

Hi Good girl. I enjoyed the first part and I'd love to read the next part. Thanks for posting your charming story.

I'd love to read it.

add me & send story

I would love to hear the story

I'm interested

Very interested.. please add me and message me the rest of the story,

I think you will find a few of us have had our sis or brothers

Sometimes, when you want to add too many of the (best and) juiciest (pun intended) details, it flags so many words that it becomes too difficult (not to mention, saddening on a certain level) to edit it down.

In such cases, the work-around for this is to post a short, sweet, fairly clean introduction at the top, telling people that the real deal is written in the first comment - then post the neat clean (but tempting, of course) introduction, and immediately comment upon it with the whole uncensored, unedited, (and probably yummy) story at the first comment.

That way, almost anyone who is interested will drop down to where the good stuff is, since you can write just about anything you want in comments. This is not to say there's not going to be some (prurient in denial) prude who drops down, reads and enjoys, but flags it to assuage their silly conscience.

Sorry for the novella.

Would you add me so we can talk?